Design of modern restaurants and bars

Publicado el 27 de November de 2020

Our essence is based on transmitting an idea and concept to any physical place, with the aim that the user enjoys the place. With this goal in mind we start our restaurant and bar design: to provide the restaurant with a unique experience of enjoying the food in a special environment.

Each environment must be created in a different way, knowing the target audience, the idea to be expressed and according to a budget.

What influences effective restaurant design?

In Vika Interior as experts in interior design in Malaga and province, we perform among our services interior design services for restaurants. In this way, the factors that most influence an effective design are the following:

Process for interior design for restaurants and bars

Getting to know the business first hand

Before making a modern restaurant and bar design, we must know what kind of business the project leader has in mind for the commercial interior design. After understanding the history of the business, who is behind it, what the person wants to convey with his or her activity.

In the end what we are looking for is not only to create a unique experience, but also to understand what the ambience is to attract the target audience of the restaurant, so that the users of the bars and restaurants are seduced from a sensory point of view.

Planning the designs and explaining them

After all, interior design proposals for restaurants are the cornerstone of any project, and in many cases the cornerstone of the whole concept of selling food. Knowing the initial idea that we want to capture, we propose the necessary elements, the distribution of the space and the functionality of each element.

To do this, we first make a 3D rendering of the architecture of the restaurant and its design, as well as all the elements that must be taken into account.

On-site management of the restaurant design

Once this design for the restaurant has been approved, we get down to work and start the construction of our project. We take care of the execution with the construction team based on the project.

In our interior design for restaurants, we have the best professionals in the sector to carry out the decoration approach. Guaranteeing at all times the best result in the execution of the work.

This is how we implement our proposals for strategic interior design in restaurants, which are focused at all times on proposing a unique and different concept of interior design in these commercial premises.

Restaurant kitchen design

For the design of the kitchen of any restaurant it is essential to know the person in charge of the kitchen. By detecting the chef’s needs and offering cutting-edge functionalities, we will create a personalised, clean and pragmatic space. Knowing all the needs of the premises and in this case of the kitchen is vital for any interior design for restaurants.

What details do we take into account when designing for bars and restaurants?

The basic elements that we take into account for the design are the following:

  • The location where the dishes go in and out.
  • Improving the distribution of the bar to shorten times.
  • Creation of different areas as required by the project.
  • Objects for the service such as buzzers, cupboards, shelves, etc.
  • Combining elements such as flooring, restaurant furniture, etc.
  • The type of lighting for the restaurant (spotlights, ambient, direct, indirect).
  • Location of the tables, of the different rooms.

Our restaurant designs in Malaga

Some of our restaurant design projects:

These are all the elements that we must take into account when choosing an interior designer. We, from our interior design studios in Malaga, make all these proposals. In addition, if you have a business, already outdated or losing money, the revolution of interior design in hospitality can be a great revolution.


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