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The decoration is the basis of any home, being able to turn any tedious room into a cozy and elegant space.

Furnishing, decoration and lighting are the essential elements to create a comfortable home.

Each detail can provide a unique and personal touch to the space. It is important to carefully choose each element so it could fit perfectly into the environment you want to create.

It is necessary to take into account the purpose and functionality that the space mentioned will have to put faith in the most suitable furniture and decoration.

Our team of professionals will be in charge of creating unique spaces, making each client’s dreams come true.

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Why choosing Vika’s interior?

We design each project.

In a personalized and unique way, adapting to each client’s needs and their preferences.

Proposal and previous selection of the material.

In order to be able to exchange information and make any changes with the client.

Professional interior design team.

We work with a high level of detail and highly experienced professionals.

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Alfonso Moreno


(+34) 677 662 280

Calle Rancho Park s/n local 8
(CC platino) 29604 , Marbella malaga


Calle Rancho Park s/n local 8
(CC platino) 29604 , Marbella malaga

(+34) 677 662 280


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