Interior design in Malaga
Vika Interior

We are a small interior design studio in Malaga, capable of doing great things with a great demand for detail, pampering quality and taking care of the design.

We develop the interior design of homes and commercial projects, helping to create unique spaces so that the dreams of each client can become a reality.

We also develop interior design projects for homes and commercial projects, helping to create unique spaces so that the dreams of each client can become a reality.

Interior design in Malaga

We offer a personal service and professional experience, we work with a high level of detail and with professionals with a lot of experience.
We offer turnkey project, with a team of qualified professionals to carry out the reform and having agreements with various firms of furniture, lighting, decoration etc.. . to complete the project interior design in Malaga and to be able to carry out the whole process of creation, realization and ambience of the space.

Good design is about turning dreams into reality.

John Saladino

Architect & interior designer

Our creative interior design process

As a studio specialising in interior design in Malaga, our method only requires you to contact us and VIKA INTERIOR will take care of the rest. In this way we make the work easier for you and do it in a more agile way.


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Alfonso Moreno

Interior designer in Malaga with more than 10 years of experience, academically trained at the San Telmo Art School, Malaga, as a senior technician in projects and management of decoration works and senior technician in furnishing. Professionally I have carried out independent projects and I have collaborated in different studios of interior design in Marbella.

Clarity, Honesty and Transparency in our interior designs in Malaga

At our interior design studio in Malaga we have some values that we like to transmit to all our collaborators and clients, these values are Clarity, Honesty and Transparency.

Clarity, with which we will transmit the information accurately, clearly and without beating around the bush, easy to understand for everyone so we can achieve more effective results.

Honesty, in our work and relationship with each of the people involved in a project and respecting both individuals and materials that we can use in each of our interior design projects.

Transparency, a very important part for our team as we will offer you throughout the process of creation and development of an interior design project all the information about the actions and decisions in a permanent, understandable and complete way, so that you are always advised and informed of each of the steps.

These are the values we always want to transmit in our interior design projects in Malaga. On our interior design page you can find all our work and services in this speciality.

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