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Alfonso Moreno: Interior designer in Málaga

I am an interior designer in Málaga with more than 10 years of experience, academically trained at the San Telmo School of Art, Málaga, as a senior technician in projects and management of decoration works and senior technician in furnishing. Professionally I have carried out independent projects and I have collaborated in different studios as interior designer in Málaga.

If you are looking for an expert in Interior Design in Málaga, contact me and we will see the best options for your project.

Alfonso Vika Interior


Interior designer with a wealth of experience

Vika Interior

I am a interiors designer very versatile and involved in every single project, passionate about my job, interior design. I try to create different, practical and functional spaces, with serene atmospheres that connect rooms with a unique sense, with a modern design, using a combination of natural and innovative materials.

I think that having a good synergy with the client is important to be able to help them achieve their dreams, “the end of the road of a project is to fulfil a dream”.

Interior decorator in Malaga

As an interior decorator we can collaborate with the design and coordination of the work. From the design of new spaces or refurbishment of these, whether in commercial spaces, offices, homes, etc.

We can help with the design and coordination of the work.

As interior designer in Malaga, always with a good and fluid communication with clients, we will help and guide them to the point of making their dream come true. Bringing great ideas, creativity and restructuring of ideas to reach the level of perfection as seen through the client’s prism.

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