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Interior design is a discipline that tries to find the balance between what the client wants and needs and what is ideal for the rooms to maintain their harmony. Therefore, it is a mistake to think that anyone can do it. That is why at Vika we have the best interior design specialists in Marbella.

interiorismo marbella

Decoration and interior design Marbella

Interior design in Marbella involves not only improving the experience in the interior space, but also creating a decoration according to the client’s tastes, taking into account trends, volumes, colours…

Therefore, interior design decoration in Marbella involves different rooms, even types of properties that we will see below.

interiorismo marbella

Interior design in Marbella in bathrooms

Bathrooms are a room in the house that should give the sensation of purity while being elegant and trendy, to find that perfect balance, our professionals in interior design in Marbella analyse and offer different styles.

Interior design Marbella for living/dining rooms

Another of the rooms where we spend most of our time is the living room and/or dining room, as it is where we rest throughout the day and where we carry out our tasks, for example, an activity as common nowadays as teleworking. Therefore, having a good living room will be a very important point that interior design Marbella will take care of.

In addition, it is a social meeting point so it will be our showcase of the house to other people.

Marbella interior design for homes

Undoubtedly, living in a house where we feel comfortable, cosy and proud is one of the best feelings. From Vika, through interior design in Marbella we will achieve those houses of your dreams, adapting each room to what is appropriate.

For example, bringing warmth to bedrooms or spaciousness to dining rooms or kitchens.

Interior design in Marbella in kitchens

Kitchens are usually one of the rooms that are most difficult to decorate because, having numerous appliances, users find it difficult to hide them or create harmony between them. We, through interior design in Marbella for homes, will achieve what you find difficult to achieve and adapting to your tastes and needs.

Diseño de interiores Marbella
interiorismo marbella

Interior design Marbella for business premises

If you have your own premises, you will be aware that the first impression it produces is as important as the rest of the factors. Therefore, at Vika we will adapt the premises to your business philosophy and type of business through interior design Marbella.

Interior design Marbella for offices

Another of the places where people spend most of their time is at work, usually in offices which, if they are not adapted to a good working environment, can affect the performance of the staff or the image of the clients. With interior design in Marbella we will apply some of the principles that increase concentration or reduce stress so that the environment only inspires success.

Specialists in interior design Marbella

In Vika we have specialists in design, decoration and interior design Marbella who will understand your tastes and needs and adapt our service to each of the rooms you want, creating a total integrity and harmony. If you want to start your project do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

interior design marbella


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