Interior Design Estepona

Interior design and decoration in Estepona

At Vika Interior, we have been transforming spaces in Estepona and the Costa del Sol for more than 10 years. Our experience in interior design in Estepona and the satisfaction of our clients are our best guarantee. We specialise in creating environments that reflect the personality and needs of each client, using each project to demonstrate that functionality and aesthetics can go hand in hand.

With Vika Interior, each space becomes a unique reflection of what you are looking for, guaranteeing customised solutions and unique results.

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Interior Design Services in Estepona

At Vika Interior, we offer a full spectrum of interior design services in Estepona, specialising in transforming spaces according to the specific needs of each client:


  • Furniture Design and Furnishing: We specialise in creating bespoke furniture and furnishing solutions that optimise space and reflect the style of our clients, guaranteeing coherent functionality and aesthetics.
  • Reforms: Integral transformations that completely renovate your spaces, improving both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Construction Management: Management and supervision of each stage of the project to guarantee quality and efficiency.
    Lighting: Innovative lighting designs that improve the atmosphere and functionality of any environment.
  • Advice: Expert guidance at every step of the design, ensuring accurate and satisfactory decisions.
  • 3D Imaging: Advanced visualisations that allow the final result to be envisaged prior to execution.
  • Restaurant Design: Creation of captivating environments that enhance the dining experience, adapting to current trends and market needs.

We design your home in Estepona

We transform every space in your home to reflect your style and needs, guaranteeing functionality and beauty in every detail. Discover how we can personalise the different spaces in your Estepona home:


  • Living Room Design in Estepona: We create cosy and stylish living rooms, optimised for comfort and family living, making this space the heart of your home.
  • Kitchen Design in Estepona: Our kitchens are designed to be practical and elegant, combining the highest functionality with the style that best suits your daily life.
    Bedroom Design in Estepona: We turn your bedrooms into spaces of peace and rest, inviting total relaxation.
  • Bathroom Design in Estepona: We design bathrooms that combine high quality materials with a clean and relaxing aesthetic.
  • Terrace Design in Estepona: We maximize your outdoor spaces to offer you a corner of relaxation and entertainment, inviting you to enjoy the climate and the views of your home in Estepona.
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Interior designers in Estepona

At Vika Interior, we have been designing spaces that combine aesthetics and functionality for over 10 years. Our team of interior designers, with experience in interior design projects in Estepona, specialise in creating personalised environments that reflect the essence and needs of each client. We guarantee innovative and practical design solutions for homes and businesses.

How we work with Interior Design in Estepona

At Vika Interior, we turn your ideas into real and attractive spaces. Our approach is designed to ensure that every interior design project in Estepona not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. Here’s a brief explanation of how we do it, highlighting clarity and value at every step of our process.



Kick-off meeting and Documentation

We start with a meeting to get to know your specific interior design needs in Estepona, gathering essential information to develop a project that suits your expectations.


Design Proposal and Approval

We create your interior design proposal, selecting materials that complement and enhance your space in Estepona. Each design requires your final approval to ensure total satisfaction.


Execution of the Interior Design Project

With the design approved, we move forward to execution, coordinating with qualified professionals in Estepona to implement the interior design project as planned.


Quality Control

We implement rigorous quality controls during execution, ensuring that every detail of the interior design meets the agreed standards.


Key handover in Estepona

The final stage of the process is the handover of the keys to your newly designed space, where everything is ready for you to enjoy, ensuring that every element is perfectly in place.


Decoration and Furnishing in Estepona

We complete the process with a decoration and furnishing project, adding the finishing touches that transform the space according to your preferences and lifestyle in Estepona.


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