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At Vika Interior we are specialists in Interior Design in Madrid, we take care of making the most of every corner and making space our ally. We seek that each room has its own essence and personality, no two places are the same because each one has a specific idea or perception. It is with this concept that we work in our studio.

If you have doubts when it comes to decorating your home, we give you some tips to ensure that each room transmits the essence you are looking for. As experts in renovations and interior design in Madrid, we know how to create concrete and precise spaces according to the needs and use for which they are intended. We know the functionality of a kitchen, but how it is decorated can increase its usability, it is not just a matter of appearance.

Interiorismo en Madrid

Inter designer Madrid: Interior design in the capital

Our interior design studio in Madrid is focused on the needs of each client, taking into account their lifestyle, current trends and their style, we create the ideal environment for each home. In our company we have different interior designers in Madrid who will try to adapt all styles, from minimalist and simple to the most extravagant and colorful, as we have said, the essence of each home is a reflection of the person who inhabits it. We help you discover which style is right for you.

We have got interior design studio in Málaga too.

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interiorismo en málaga

Interior design and house renovations in Madrid

For both a large house and a small apartment in the center of Madrid, at Vika Interior we adapt to the needs of our clients. If you cannot make changes to the facade of your house, our interior designers in Madrid will adapt everything so that the interior is the essence you want to show. The soul of a house is divided into the different facilities, the one that can stand out the most is the living room or dining room, for its central axis in the home.

As experts in interior design and renovations we will listen to your project before putting everything on paper and presenting it, to capture the fragrance that the user’s home or premises wants to transmit and reflect the soul of their home with great decoration contributions.

Interior design of living rooms and dining rooms in Madrid

At Vika Interior, as a decoration and interior design company in Madrid, we see the importance of a living room or dining room in a home. In one of the rooms where we spend the most time with friends and family, or enjoying time for ourselves. Knowing how to take advantage of space and enhance each corner is essential when giving personality and functionality to a room, especially if it is a living room or dining room.

Elements such as brightness, colors or materials are key to creating the space. The latest trends in salons are committed to an elegant and neutral style, with basic and pastel colors, a minimalist and avant-garde style.

Similarly, at Vika Interior we focus on getting to know people and tailoring trends to their needs.

Interiorismo de locales en Madrid

In the case of interior design of premises in Madrid, we must take into account the business philosophy and coherence with its commercial identity.

Finding the balance between comfort for employees, customers and brand philosophy is our main objective. As experts in renovations and interior design in Madrid, we take care of every last detail to accurately reflect the personality of the business and make the most of the business premises.

Interior design in Madrid: renovations with style

When facing a design or reform project in Madrid we must take into account some basic pillars.

On the one hand, what we are most passionate about as interior designers in Madrid is to give personality to a space, which when entering transmits the essence of the person, it is about creating a space where the client feels comfortable and the same because it should be an extension of your person.

On the other hand we have usability, we not only want a visually aesthetic room that transmits us, it must also be a functional space. Taking advantage of the space and knowing how to manage it correctly is essential for the reform to have good results.

We hope that it has become clear to you what we do as decorators and interior designers in Madrid, and above all how we can help you build your ideal home that matches your style and personality.

Interiorista en Madrid

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