Architect design in Madrid

When we talk about architect design we refer to the way to improve the quality of life in the place where you and your loved ones live. As specialists in Architect design in Madrid we solve the diverse spatial needs of the environment, making the most of each space and taking advantage of all the resources that the place provides us, always seeking to create rooms that have the ability to express the personality of each client.

Architect design and decoration in Madrid

As specialists in architect design and decoration in Madrid, we give you some tips on how to adapt each of the rooms in a home.
Decoration is the key to creating a cosy dining room or perhaps a minimalist living room or why not a bedroom where getting a good night’s sleep is paramount. Therefore, it all depends on the type of room to decorate, the most suitable materials and the products that are trendy. Among our services as interior designers is the realization of integral architect design of houses.

Kitchen interior design in Madrid

The kitchen is a space which, despite its main function of preparing food, is an area where we live and enjoy life. When starting a kitchen architect design project, it is necessary to weigh up the social role it plays, as this means that it has a connection with the rest of the home, leading to the creation of open spaces, often linked to the living room or sitting room.

The design of kitchens serves both form and function, seeking comfort in the elements that surround us and achieving a balance between the social and the gastronomic.

As specialists in kitchen reforms and kitchen architect design in Madrid, we offer you a wide range of options that provide you with aesthetic exclusivity and fulfilment of quality requirements.

We are specialists in kitchen reforms and architect design in Madrid.

Architect design and design in Malaga

When we start a interior design project, we seek to give personality to a space, creating places that identify with the client’s style. Each of the projects based on a previous architect design studio is different, as each person has their own identity, the key is to materialise this personality and adapt it to a space.

Apart from this, it is necessary to take into account the main utility and functionality that the space is going to have in order to choose the most suitable furniture and decoration.


Architect Design Studio in Madrid

Our architect design studio in Madrid studies the needs of each client, based on current trends, creating a balance between their style and the style of the moment. In our interior design company we deal with all types of architect design projects, from the creation of a minimalist or timeless room to the most classic style.


Bathroom architect design in Madrid

At Vika Interior we take care of all types of bathroom architect design projects in Malaga, from the design project, the management and execution of the work to the last decorative detail.

We can take care of all types of bathroom architect design projects in Malaga.

When we talk about bathrooms, the first thing we think of is a cosy and above all functional space. Therefore, when fitting out a bathroom, take care of the lighting, the combination of colours and the materials to be used. As a tip, wood brings warmth due to its pleasant tones and its naturalness to a space that is usually cold. In any case, you don’t have to worry because at Vika Interior we take care of all types of architect design projects.

Commercial premises architect design Madrid

When we start a commercial premises architect design project in Madrid, we carry out a study based on the commercial purposes and coherence with the brand identity as the two main features.

As interior design specialists in Malaga, we take care of the interior design of commercial and/or business spaces, taking care of aesthetics, colours, lighting, product placement and everything necessary to promote sales.


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