Bathroom tile trends

Publicado el 10 de June de 2024

The bathroom is one of the most important places in the home. It is the space where we start and end each day, a place to relax and renew ourselves. That is why choosing the right tiles is of vital importance, as they not only protect the surfaces, but also provide the colour and style that we want the bathroom to convey. From a modern, minimalist style to a rustic, cosy atmosphere, tiles can turn an ordinary bathroom into a personal retreat.

With the arrival of 2024, new bathroom tile trends are emerging, bringing fresh options for all tastes and styles. Whether you’re looking for a touch of elegance, colour or serenity, this year’s trends have something for everyone. Discover with us the latest bathroom tile trends and find the perfect type of tile to transform your bathroom into a unique and stylish space.

Trendy tiles according to their material

Although ceramic has always been and always will be an excellent material to decorate your bathroom, there are more and more options of tiles made of different materials, each one bringing something unique and transmitting different sensations and styles to your bathroom. If you want to know what types of tiles to choose depending on the materials, here we present you the most trendy materials for 2024:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic tiles continue to be a popular choice thanks to their durability and versatility. This year, designs with matte and textured finishes are all the rage, offering a sleek, modern look.
  • Porcelain: Similar to ceramic but more resistant and less porous, porcelain tiles are perfect for areas with high humidity. Trends include imitation natural materials such as marble and wood, providing luxury and warmth without the complicated maintenance.
  • Glass mosaic: Ideal for adding a touch of sparkle and colour, glass mosaics are gaining popularity. They are perfect for creating decorative accents or for covering specific areas such as the shower.
  • Natural stone: Materials such as marble, granite and slate bring a sense of luxury and timelessness. This year, aged finishes and earth tones are very much on trend, providing a rustic and elegant look.
  • Cement: Cement tiles, known for their strength and industrial style, are increasingly being used in modern bathrooms. Geometric patterns and solid colours are the most prominent trends.

How to apply bathroom tiling trends to your home

Every home is unique, and applying bathroom tile trends should consider the specific style and needs of your space. Here’s how you can incorporate the trends of 2024 into different types of homes:

Modern minimalism

If your home has a clean, contemporary style, ceramic tiles in neutral tones and matte finishes are an excellent choice. Opt for large sizes for a sophisticated, minimalist look. Combine with simple furniture lines and metallic accessories to complete the look.

baño minimalista moderno

Nature at home

For homes that seek a connection with nature, porcelain tiles that imitate wood or natural stone are ideal. These materials not only provide an organic aesthetic but are also highly durable. Integrate indoor plants and natural textiles to create an oasis in your bathroom.

baño con estilo natural

Touch of colour

If you prefer a vibrant, lively space, glass mosaics in bright colours can transform your bathroom. Use them on an accent wall or inside the shower for visual impact without overloading the space. Pair them with neutral tiles to balance the design.

Rustic and cosy

For a bathroom with rustic charm, natural stone tiles in warm tones are perfect. This style is complemented well by distressed wood furniture and accessories in copper or bronze tones. Aged finishes add character and warmth to the space.

baño con decoración rústica

Industrial chic

Cement tiles are in vogue for those looking for an industrial style. Their geometric patterns and solid colours add a bold, contemporary touch. Pair them with metallic furniture and black accents for a modern, urban look.

Bathroom tile trends for 2024 offer a wide variety of materials and styles to transform your space. From the elegance of ceramic to the rusticity of natural stone, there’s an option for every taste. Find out how Vika can help you design the bathroom of your dreams, combining functionality and style – contact us today and start your renovation project!


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