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Publicado el 31 de March de 2023

When we think about how to distribute our home, ideas come to us about the different rooms, such as whether we want a dressing room, whether the living room and dining room should be joined together, how we can decorate the bathroom, … but there is also another more important point, what we are going to use for this separation, union or decoration.

On many occasions we think that everything must be with brick walls or plasterboard, but nothing could be further from the truth, as there are incredible alternatives such as glass enclosures for interiors.

Interior glass enclosures: a key to the space

As we have mentioned before, in most sentences we think of using walls in our homes, without thinking that by means of an interior glass enclosure we can obtain incredible results.

When we have doubts about where and how to add glass enclosures in interiors, it is best to turn to interior design professionals to help us decide and find the best option adapted to our needs.

5 reasons to use glass enclosures for interiors

As if that wasn’t enough, we will now talk about 5 reasons why using glass enclosures for interiors is an incredible option.

Separating or joining rooms

Even when we have already made the layout of our home, there is still time to modify it and make it perfect.

The use of glass enclosures for interiors can be useful in both cases, in the case of rooms that are next to each other and we want to separate, for example, the dining room from the sofa area. In other circumstances it can help us to join other rooms that were separated by a wall, such as the kitchen from the living room.

Innovative touch

When we add glass enclosures in our rooms, it certainly takes a much more current and innovative trend, while we can use it for other different styles but, whatever it is, it will bring a touch of originality.

Increasing luminosity

When we have rooms that are surrounded by walls, we undoubtedly lose the luminosity that natural light brings. If we replace these walls with glass enclosures, we will allow the sunlight to continue to enter until it reaches the innermost rooms of the house.

Removing “barriers” to the outside

Why use only windows when there are glass enclosures indoors? When we have a room that faces outside, normally a window or door is used to connect the two, but without a doubt, an incredible option is to use a glass enclosure that allows you to practically join the interior with the exterior.

Infinite possibilities

When we consider a glass enclosure in interiors, there are infinite possibilities to carry it out since there are totally personalised panels, created to your measurements and tastes. You won’t regret it!

Open kitchens with glass and the false myth

When we talk about opening up spaces and adding glass enclosures, many people’s first thought is “not in the kitchen, otherwise the whole house will smell”.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because when open kitchens with glazing are carried out, it is as simple as using and closing the room when you are cooking, opening it again to connect both rooms when you have finished.

Cocinas abiertas con cristalera y el falso mito

Prices of glass enclosures

The price of a glass enclosure will vary depending on three main factors:

  • Need for building work: if your room already has masonry walls and you want to replace them with glass enclosures, doing the work to remove them will increase your budget a little.
  • Quality: like almost everything else, when you make a glass enclosure indoors, you will be able to consider cheaper or higher quality options. Some of the characteristics that will change will be the resistance, insulation, material…
  • Customisation: there are glass panels for enclosures that come prefabricated, so they will be less expensive. If, on the other hand, you have a specific design in mind or the space is very different, you will be able to personalise it without any problem at a slightly higher price.

We are sure that now you can’t resist adding an interior glass enclosure to your home and to find the perfect combination and design, Vika has professionals specialised in interior design who will be happy to advise you and give you your ideal room. Start the change!


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