Mediterranean style bathroom: beauty, comfort and relaxation

Publicado el 14 de September de 2023

A Mediterranean style bathroom is the perfect choice for those looking to create a warm, cosy and charming atmosphere in their home. Inspired by the colours and textures of the Mediterranean Sea, this style of bathroom combines rustic elements with modern touches to achieve a unique and captivating space.

Characteristics of a Mediterranean bathroom

Mediterranean bathrooms are distinguished by the use of certain key design elements, some of which are very characteristic and will make your bathroom unique. Some of them are:

Tiles and mosaics

Tiles and mosaics are indispensable in a Mediterranean bathroom, as they add colour, texture and style. Normally tiles in terracotta, blue, green or yellow are used in geometric patterns. Mosaics with marine motifs such as shells, waves or fish are also common.

Rustic furniture

Furniture made of untreated wood, wicker or rattan is ideal for a Mediterranean bathroom. Dressing tables, shelves and shelves in these materials add warmth and a country touch.

Decorative accessories

Candles, ceramic soap dishes, vases and wicker baskets are excellent decorative accessories to complement the Mediterranean theme. Natural plants such as palm trees or cacti also fit in well.

Retro fittings

Taps in copper, bronze or black add a vintage touch that coordinates perfectly with this style of bathroom. Faucets and heads with curved or art deco shapes are an excellent choice.

Warm lighting

Lighting plays an important role in creating ambience. Lamps and wall sconces with bulbs that emit warm light, never cold, are recommended. Crystal or bronze chandeliers are also ideal.

Benefits of a Mediterranean bathroom

Opting for a Mediterranean style bathroom has many advantages:


Thanks to light colours, natural textures and subdued lighting, a Mediterranean bathroom promotes relaxation and well-being. It is the perfect place to escape from stress and pamper yourself.

Warm décor

Rustic and vintage elements bring a lot of warmth to this type of bathroom, creating a cosy, comfortable and charming atmosphere.

Aesthetic value

Beautiful finishes, handcrafted tiles and vintage furniture give it an aesthetic value that does not go unnoticed. It is an excellent way to increase the visual appeal of your bathroom.

Easy to clean

By using mainly tiles and smooth surfaces, Mediterranean bathrooms are fairly easy to clean and keep spotless.


Although it evokes a traditional style, it also integrates some modern touches, making it well suited to large and small bathrooms of classic or contemporary design.

baño estilo mediterraneo

Best colours for Mediterranean style bathrooms

Here are some additional tips on the ideal colours for a Mediterranean style bathroom:

  • Intense blues: Blue evokes the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. From cobalt to Klein blues, they bring drama and personality. They go well with white.
  • Tropical greens: Colours such as sage green, emerald green or olive green reflect the vegetation of the Mediterranean region. They look good in mosaics or as a detail on walls.
  • Terracottas and ochres: These warm colours emulate the earth and clay of the Mediterranean landscape. Ideal for terracotta floors or tiles with geometric patterns.
  • Citrus yellows: A touch of lemon or mustard yellow in light fittings or decorative details brings luminosity like the Mediterranean sun.
  • Pure whites: Pure white represents the whitewashed villages by the sea. Use it on walls or furniture to create contrast.
  • Golds and coppers: They evoke antiquity and marine life. Applied to taps, mirror frames or lamps, they add opulence.
  • Sand: For a monochromatic palette, sand captures the essence of the Mediterranean coast. Use it on floors, walls and textiles.

Play with these bold colours and neutrals for a striking Mediterranean bathroom. You can even mix some in beautiful, eye-catching mosaics.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom and give it a unique style with personality, at Vika as an Interior Design studio we will find the ideal Mediterranean style bathroom. It will allow you to create a personal spa atmosphere with lots of charm and comfort. By playing well with the decorative elements you can achieve the perfect balance between rusticity and modernity in this cosy corner of your home.


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