Modern classic style: all the keys

Publicado el 16 de November de 2023

What is modern classic style?

Modern classic style is an interior design trend that combines classic elements with a modern twist. It is based on timeless design principles, with clean and elegant lines, but incorporating contemporary comforts and technologies.

This style seeks a balance between the old and the new, the formal and the informal. It takes the best of the past in terms of quality craftsmanship and natural materials, and updates them with a fresh, minimalist approach. The result is an interior that is sophisticated yet relaxed and welcoming.

Some of the typical characteristics of the modern classic style are:

  • Classic mouldings and architectural details such as columns, arches, cornices. But they are simplified and schematised.
  • Symmetrical and proportioned pieces. Such as Chesterfield sofas, Oreja armchairs.
  • Noble materials. Wood, marble, brass. But with modern matte finishes, soft shine.
  • Natural textiles. Linen, cotton, silk. In neutral or pastel colours.
  • Rugs, but with abstract or geometric designs instead of floral ones.
  • Warm but modern lighting. Sconces or floor lamps instead of chandeliers.
  • Objects with history. Old books, maps, instruments. But arranged in a minimalist way.
  • Classical figurative, abstract or geometric art.

In short, it is a style that respects tradition but renews it with pure lines and a neutral, luminous palette. The décor is elegant and sophisticated, but also practical and functional for contemporary living.

What colours to use for the modern classic style?

The colour palette for the modern classic style is mainly based on warm neutral tones, to create a refined but cosy atmosphere. Some of the most commonly used colours are:

  • Beige, cream: these are colours that bring warmth, ideal for walls and ceilings. They create a serene base.
  • Medium grey: is elegant and sophisticated. It looks good in furniture, textiles and as an accent colour.
  • Black and white: add contrast and define spaces. White adds luminosity, especially for mouldings. Black can be used with discretion, in lamps, paintings.
  • Light wood: such as bleached oak or walnut. It gives a warm and natural touch.
  • Soft gold and brass: metals that reflect the light and give a shiny and classic touch. They should be applied with subtlety.

In addition, pastel colours can be incorporated for subtle contrast:

  • Powder blue, bluish grey: an ethereal, soothing feel.
  • Sage or mint green: a fresh and vibrant note.
  • Peach, pale pink: romantic and feminine touch.

Prints are limited to stripes, checks or geometric motifs in neutral tones. The important thing is to create harmony between colours and a balance between light and dark areas. The general lighting should be warm, and spotlights can be added to create contrast.

Furniture for the modern classic style

Furniture for this style should have clean lines and noble materials. Some recommendations are:

Modern classic style furniture for the living room

The living room is usually one of the rooms where the modern classic style is most used, as we must combine more modern elements with other more vintage ones that maintain the essence and comfort of a living room.

  • Chesterfield sofa: traditional English design with button back. In leather or quality fabric.
  • Armchairs: with visible wooden structure and upholstered in linen, cotton or silk.
  • Coffee tables: in marble, glass or gilded metal. With slender legs or organic shapes.
  • Side tables: with a simple design, in natural wood or white lacquered.

Modern classic style furniture for the dining room

In the dining room it is also very common to use the modern classic style as it is possible to play a lot with the decorative elements, always in a harmonious and balanced way. Some of the most outstanding pieces of furniture are:

  • Dining table: solid wood, oval or round with a central base.
  • Chairs with straight backs: upholstered in fabric or leather.
  • Sideboard or display cabinet: for tableware. In light wood with gold or silver details.
  • Chandelier or ceiling lamp: in gilded metal with a simple design.

Modern classic bedroom furniture

A modern classic style for bedrooms? Incredible choice!

Having a modern classic style in your bedroom will not only make it cosy, it will also feature unique pieces and trends. This can be achieved with elements such as:

  • Bed with headboard: in light wood or lined in fabric. Straight and minimalist design.
  • Bedside tables: retro style with drawers and thin metal legs.
  • Dressing table or desk: pure lines, preferably in natural wood.
  • Textiles: light duvets, linen or cotton bedspreads. Woollen rugs.

In short, furniture should prioritise craftsmanship, quality materials and a timeless design, without ornate ornamentation. The key is to choose versatile pieces that combine with each other to create elegant but also practical and functional spaces.

estilo moderno clasico

Why hire an interior designer to achieve the ideal modern classic style?

Although decorating in modern classic style is not extremely complex, it is always advisable to have the help of a professional if we want to get the best result. Here are some reasons to hire an interior designer:

Technical expertise

They will know how to determine which materials and finishes are ideal for each space, considering functionality, durability and aesthetics.

Experienced creativity

We will come up with imaginative solutions when there are space or budget constraints, while maintaining a classic modern style.

Saving time and money

You will avoid costly mistakes or refurbishment work due to poor initial planning, or simply the result is not what you were looking for and you are left unhappy.


We adapt the design to the tastes and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the house, as well as the essence of the rest of the house.

Hiring a good professional guarantees an integral, balanced result with personality. It ensures that we enjoy elegant and timeless spaces, achieving that perfect balance between tradition and modernity. At Vika as experts in interior design in Marbella and Malaga we help you to create a unique space in your home.


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