Sweet Cup

Cafe decoration Sweet Cup Coffee

Sweet Cup’s decorative idea was to create a welcoming space with a unique and attractive style that would attract customers for its style and retain loyalty for its visual and experiential sophistication.

A place where you can enjoy breakfast and snacks but above all to share a good coffee or tea with a good company.


Sweet Cup decorative style

The style of Sweet Cup Málaga was chosen based on what was wanted to be conveyed in the venue. The use of pale pink and pastel pink colors create a feeling of calm, relaxation and peace while impregnating all spaces with elegance.

Pastel pink is used as the main color both in the painting of the walls and the furniture, contrasting white decorative elements such as tables or counters.

In addition, the use of natural elements such as flowers, even a central tree, makes you breathe from the moment you enter that fresh environment and different from conventional cafeterias.


Sweet Cup


Inspire harmony with pastel colors.


Interior design for cafes

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