Shabby Chic Style

Publicado el 26 de April de 2024

Discover the timeless charm of Shabby Chic Style, a trend that fuses the romantic with country and vintage touches to transform your home into a haven of delicacy and worn elegance. This decorative style, perfect for those who value beauty in imperfection and the charm of the lived-in, invites you to mix classic furniture with worn finishes, pastel tones and floral motifs, creating unique and cozy spaces. From Vika, interior design studio in Malaga, we show you everything about the Shabby Chic decoration style, where every detail tells the story of a love for the old and the chic.

What is the shabby chic style?

Shabby Chic Style is an expression of elegance and romanticism, rooted in nostalgia for the great English country houses. It is born from the fusion between the antique and the modern, the weathered and the elegant. This decorative trend is characterized by celebrating the beauty of imperfection, inviting spaces to tell stories through their objects and furnishings. Unlike other styles, Shabby Chic embraces the marks of time, transforming the old into pieces with chic charm and sophistication, where every detail adds a layer of warmth and personality to homes.

Characteristics of the Shabby Chic style

The Shabby Chic style, characterized by its nostalgic and romantic air, has become a popular choice for decorating spaces that seek to combine the antique with the modern. Here are some of the main characteristics of this decorative style:

  • Predominance of light colors: the predominant tones are white and pastel colors, such as pink, sky blue and aqua green. These colors contribute to create a bright and spacious atmosphere.
  • Furniture with an aged look: Furniture tends to be classic pieces with worn finishes or pickling techniques, giving them an antique charm and casual elegance.
  • Soft textiles and floral prints: Textiles such as duvet covers and curtains feature soft textures and floral prints that add a romantic and cozy feel to the rooms.
  • Combination of new and old: This style is characterized by the harmonious coexistence of modern furniture and restored antiques, creating unique spaces with personality.
  • Use of natural materials: Materials such as wood and wrought iron, especially in their most rustic forms, are essential in Shabby Chic decoration, highlighting the texture and character of these elements.
  • Details with history: The decoration includes elements such as antique vases, lamps with stories and mirrors with ornate frames, which reflect a past full of life and add a personal and unique touch to the space.

How to decorate the home in shabby chic style.

Next, we’ll explore how to infuse every main space in your home with this charming style, from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom, and how Shabby Chic furniture can be the undisputed stars of this decorative journey.

Living room

The Shabby Chic living room should be a sanctuary of comfort and beauty, where sofas upholstered in natural fabrics or floral prints invite you to relax. Opt for coffee tables and side tables made of wood with a worn finish or painted in white to highlight its character. Vintage cabinets, whether reclaimed or treated for a lived-in look, offer stylish storage solutions. Don’t forget to add pastel-toned throw pillows and soft-textured blankets for an extra touch of coziness.


Dormitorio Shabby Chic

The bedroom is the quintessential personal retreat, and in a Shabby Chic setting, white painted wrought iron beds or headboards upholstered in delicate fabrics are the central focus. Antique nightstands, along with stripped dressers, provide utility and beauty. Bedding should be in light colors, preferably with floral prints or lace, reinforcing the romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Details such as porcelain or metal table lamps with worn finishes are essential to illuminate the space.


cocina estilo shabby chic

The Shabby Chic kitchen celebrates functionality without sacrificing style. Wooden cabinets painted in white or with a pickled effect, along with open shelving to display antique or porcelain dinnerware, create a cozy space full of charm. A wooden table with matching chairs, preferably in light tones or with an aged finish, invites family gatherings in an atmosphere full of warmth. Textiles, such as curtains and tablecloths with floral motifs, add the final touch of sweetness and light to the kitchen.

Decorating your home in Shabby Chic style is more than an aesthetic choice; it is a declaration of love for the vintage, the romantic and the beauty of the stories that each piece brings with it. If you want to decorate your home in shabby chic style, do not hesitate to contact Vika, the best interior design studio in Malaga.


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