Tips to decorate a small house

Publicado el 26 de April de 2023

On many occasions we believe that incredible rooms can only be created when the spaces are large and allow it. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the key is knowing how to play with the space of a small house to achieve incredible results.

To demonstrate it, today we will talk about the best tips to make a small house look spacious and stylish.

Key colors in a small house

We can apply color theory in many areas of our lives, and decorating a small house is one of them. Using light colors will give us a much greater feeling of spaciousness than dark colors. Cream, earth, white, gray, blue tones… they will be your best allies when decorating a small house.

Decoration for a small house

If on the one hand we use light colors for the walls, large furniture or curtains in a small house, the use of darker and more striking colors for the details in the decoration will achieve the perfect style to define the room.

The sofa will be one of the problems in decorating a small house, not only for choosing the ideal size, but also for choosing a color (preferably light). Don’t worry about it, there are multiple fabrics that repel stains. As for the dimensions, one of our Vika interior decoration specialists will make sure it is the perfect size.

In addition, in a small house we can play with the optical illusions that mirrors offer us when it comes to doubling spaces, using them in corners or corridors.

Distribution of furniture in a small house

Furniture is an essential part of any home and a small house is no less. You must take into account different factors when choosing furniture for a small house.

The first of them is that the furniture is useful, that is, it not only serves as decoration but we can also take advantage of the space it occupies (you have to take advantage of everything).

If they are in a minimalist style, much better, that is, if we give too much importance to the furniture, we must reduce it from other sides since otherwise we will lose that feeling of space.

small house decoration


Regarding the distribution of furniture in a small house, you should keep in mind that it will be very useful to take advantage of the corners of the room, as well as vertical space instead of horizontal. Also, do not forget to give your own style to the chosen furniture.

The kitchen in a small house; beautiful and optimized at the same time.

Like the rest of the rooms, the kitchen in a small house must be well distributed and organized, as well as adequately decorated. One of the aspects that you must take into account is the space that it must have, we cannot aspire to large appliances and furniture, but we must try to concentrate everything in the smallest possible space.

Currently, there are kitchen designs that manage to take space to another level and at Vika we are specialists in this.

Order in a small house: the last piece of the puzzle

The reality is that we can decorate and create an incredible room by following the above tips, but if we do not maintain order afterwards, all the decoration in a small house will be affected. When there is something in the middle but the room is very large, it can go unnoticed but, I am sorry to tell you that in a small house, everything that is seen takes away space and a feeling of spaciousness.

Now that you know some tips for decorating a small house, you can start changing your house towards an incredible project that identifies you. At Vika we will be able to capture your essence at the hands of the best professionals in interior decoration.


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