Best colours to paint a flat

Publicado el 15 de May de 2023

The colours in which we paint the rooms of our flat will also determine the sensations we experience in them. Therefore, it is very important to know the best colours to paint a flat. Today we will talk about how we can differentiate them and some of the sensations that identify or transmit each one of them.

Timeless colours: the ones that never fail

When we have to decide between the best colours to paint a flat, different factors come into play, such as trends, time of year, brightness of the room, size and even our mood. Therefore, choosing a timeless colour will allow you to play with other elements of the decoration to adapt it.

-White: it is undoubtedly the colour that will allow you to play and have fun with more daring and different elements as “everything” will suit it. In addition, this colour brings luminosity and spaciousness to the room where you decide to paint. It is one of the best colours to paint a flat because it also has a wide range of undertones.

-Beige: on many occasions you want to opt for a tone that maintains some of the characteristics of white but at the same time provides elegance and a little more quality, beige is one of the best colours to paint a flat.

-Grey: one of the colours to paint a floor that never goes out of fashion is undoubtedly the greyish tones. Despite being one of the timeless colours, it maintains a touch of originality. You will be able to maintain the play of elements just like the previous tones but without such a feeling of spaciousness or “emptiness”.

-Browns: among the best colours to paint a flat, we could not forget those who, while looking for timelessness, like earthy and natural colours. For them, brown tones will be their greatest allies.

mejores colores para pintar tu casa

Warm colours: be cosy in your flat.

Many people who have had to cope with the pandemic in their homes have realised the need to be cosy and comfortable in their homes. One of the main points that started to change was to choose those colours to paint a flat that had those characteristics. The warm colours will undoubtedly be those that give us a greater sense of the “warmth” of a home.

Some of the warm colours to paint a flat can be orange or yellow.

-Orange or salmon: this colour is very cosy as well as elegant. If we reach the saturation that a strong red or orange can have, this tone gives us warmth and spaciousness as it is a lighter colour. This colour can be combined with colder decorative elements if we want to find a balance between the two. We could say that it is a “fun” colour.

-Pastel yellow: again, to play with the warm colours we take the more pastel tones. When choosing colours to paint a flat, we do not look for strong colours, but rather colours that still transmit peace and tranquillity. Yellow is one such colour. It is also characteristic for being directly related to the feeling of happiness.

Cool colours: for rooms that exude freshness.

Just as warm tones can be used for those rooms where we spend more time and want to be cosier, the colours to paint a flat can change depending on the room and therefore, take a cooler tone for other types of rooms. These could be bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms with different uses.

Some of these colours to paint a flat with a cold touch are blue, green or violet.

-Blue: if we think of this colour, it transmits tranquillity, cleanliness… For this reason, it is one of the best colours to paint a flat as we should look for our own home to awaken those feelings. There are so many different shades of blue that we are sure you will find your ideal colour.

-Green: green is undoubtedly the colour of nature but also of hope. Therefore, when we talk about colours to paint a flat we must also think about what we want to transmit with each room. In this case the game we can play with the decoration is very wide, and can even be daring.

-Violet: this is one of the best colours to paint a flat as it will undoubtedly be a sign of identity and originality. Violet is a colour that can transmit mystery, but also many other sensations. If in addition to using this colour, you add decorative elements of different styles, we are sure that it will look amazing.

Now that you know some of the best colours to paint a flat, all you have to do is choose the one you like the most and adapt the rooms to it. If you want everything to fit perfectly and get the best results, don’t hesitate to contact our interior designers, we will be happy to help you!


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