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Publicado el 25 de June de 2021

Home Staging is the trend technique among real estate companies due to the great results obtained. We tell you all about Home Staging in Malaga and what benefits it can bring us.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a set of techniques that enhance the appearance of a home, this method is widely used in real estate companies to highlight the positive aspects of a home when it comes to selling it. It is a recreation in which the space is conditioned creating an environment adapting homes, rooms and buildings, making them unique with a minimum investment. It is said that it is a staging or staging a house to be able to sell it. It can be considered an ideal marketing technique for those homes with a great age that are difficult to sell and thus capture the attention of buyers.

Home Staging is also responsible for giving personality to a space, taking advantage of the space, ordering the objects and looking for the ideal position and the perfect object in each corner to convey the style we want, with this we go from having an empty room to a room that conveys its personality just by seeing it.

The idea is that through these measures we will be able to highlight the strengths of the property and hide those most unfavorable points. Despite what it may seem, it is not about hiding the negative part and highlighting the positive to deceive the people who come to visit the installation, but quite the opposite, what it tries to do is to show the real potential of the home since Most of us find it easier to see opportunities than to imagine them.

What is Home Staging?

Meaning of Home Staging is the staging or preparation of houses and homes to obtain a greater return on the initial investment of the price of the house. A Home Stager will therefore be in charge of creating harmonious and pleasant spaces, with a focus on helping the commercial team to maximize the sales or rental of homes by applying interior design and photography techniques to capture the customer’s attention. The first 2 minutes when visiting a room are essential to make the potential tenant fall in love as a client, because during this first impression, our perception of the environment indicates a yes or no about the purchase or rental of this new home.

Home staging en Málaga Vika Interior

Home Staging Services in Malaga

By creating stories through the homes, it makes the tenant thrill and feel like home, taking care of even the smallest detail so that they can see the house of their dreams as soon as they enter. Nowadays Home Staging is carried out at up to 78% of the homes for sale, Home Staging in Malaga is gaining more strength every day and is a technique used by the best real estate agencies, since it achieves great results in terms of speeding up the sale. When we put a home up for sale preparing it is essential, that when people enter they can imagine living there instead of just seeing an empty room makes the big difference between closing a sale or staying at the doors.

Buying Home Staging houses in Malaga

Buying a house is one of the most important moments in a person’s life and you should know that 70% of that decision is made emotionally. Those who want to buy a home are looking for their new home. So if you are not very clear about what Home Staging is, we summarize it in a single sentence: we create stories of houses that move. We stage the lifestyle that buyers want to find in their future home, so they can imagine living there and close the deal as soon as possible. The Home Staging technique is an innovative concept in our country, however, it has been the safe bet for many years to close real estate transactions quickly and with a very high return on investment. We hope that this article about the staging of the houses or Home Staging has been to your liking. If you are thinking of reconditioning your house or increasing its value, tell us about your case and we will try to help you with the best development capacity.


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