The world’s most popular interior decoration styles

Publicado el 25 de August de 2020

Just as in fashion we can find thousands of styles and combinations according to the tastes and personality of the person, so it is with your home. Today we are going to show you how to dress your home according to the different styles of interior decoration that are currently the most popular in the world of interior design in Malaga.

Hottest interior decoration styles for 2022

First of all, you should know that the idea is not to fill the house with unconnected elements or without any personality, but to pay attention to the different decorative styles that we are going to show you now and that can give you the guidelines to follow the style that you like the most or that you want your home to transmit. Modern style decorative spaces have a homogeneous format in all aspects of the house, with the use of simple and soft shapes. They maintain their essence in neutral tones with the use of natural materials, which maintain the elegance in the simplicity and attractiveness of these materials.

Contemporary decorative style

On the other hand, the contemporary interior design style refers to the opposite, to a style of decoration that uses extremes to highlight some elements over others, through shapes, colours and decorative elements, and some interior designers even point out to some interior designers that their decoration is a bit cold.

Estilo de decoración moderno 2021

Minimalist decorating style in decoration: for lovers of order

This style, born in the United States in the 1960s, is perfect for those who are comfortable in simple spaces. This concept features furniture that creates harmony with the floor and walls by following the same tonalities. The key to the minimalist decorative style is the formica veneers that convey opulence to the room. It is supported by the use of glass and stone elements.

estilo minimalista

Decorative Nordic style: brightness in the absence of light

This way or style of decorating a house comes from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, predominant in the interior decoration of the 20th century and which is still a trend today. Popular for its luminosity, the use of light colours and elements related to the natural. Why so much clarity? Well, the concept arose because in these countries there is very little natural light most of the year and somehow this lack of light had to be replaced.

Estilo nórdico decorativo

Rustic style: keep the traditional from being forgotten

This style of rustic interior design is reminiscent of rural houses, characterised by spaces that provide well-being, comfort and harmony. This is why many holiday homes follow this decorative trend. Known since the 20th century in different parts of the world, although it varies from country to country. Known for its great use of wood and cobbled floors, the space itself has a lot of luminosity and transmits freshness with the use of warm colours. It is also a style that relies on the use of cotton or linen fabrics.

Decoración rústica 2021

Scandinavian style: the most wintry decorative concept

This Scandinavian concept of decoration emerged in the long winters of northern Europe due to the need to bring light into the interior of houses at the beginning of the 20th century and is still spreading all over the world today. The concept is characterised by uncluttered spaces and minimalism. The surfaces of the space use the same tone, usually predominantly white. The idea of this style of decoration is to transmit tranquillity through the simplicity of its elements. The furniture used follows a modern vintage style made of light-coloured woods that combine stones, natural fibres and metals.

Industrial decoration style: rustic and elegant go hand in hand

If you see a modern yet sober and urban room, you know that you are looking at a room decorated in the industrial style. Its origins lie in the industries of the 1950s when people lived in factories made of brick, concrete and beams. Since then, with its respective adaptations to a home, it is one of the most popular styles today. Don’t be surprised to see pipes and plumbing, as well as wrought iron furniture with a hint of rust, this is what makes the difference in this style of decoration.

Estilo de decoración industrial

Types of interior decoration for 2021

We are already in 2021 and we want you to know in advance what trends in interior decoration and interior design styles in Malaga and internationally are going to be worn next year.

  • Natural: more interest is expected in all things living, with the use of natural and organic materials.
  • Japandi: a hybrid trend between Nordic and Japanese style.
  • Vintage: has been in vogue for many years and in 2021 it will be no less so to see classic style spaces updated with contemporary materials.
  • Wabi sabi: a style that highlights the beauty of the old and worn by time.

We hope you have found this tour of the predominant interior decoration styles useful and remember that the idea is to decorate a house with interior design trends, to create comfortable and pleasant spaces that above all adapt to the tastes and needs of those who live there.


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