Textures for interior walls

Publicado el 22 de July de 2022

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are thinking of changing the style of decoration of the walls of your home, but you have not yet decided which material to use. Choosing the perfect texture for your wall can become an arduous task if we don’t know the type of textures that exist and, above all, if we don’t implement them with the right visual harmony.

Below we are going to show you some options of how to display the most commonly used textures for interior walls and help you to choose them according to the style you want to give to your home.

Stone wall texture

Stone textured walls are increasingly used in many homes. Although, it is true that stone is not common to see it on the entire wall, only in some spaces.

This stone effect on our walls makes it, firstly, more economical than using natural stone as a decorative element on our walls and secondly, because the imitation stone represents the same decorative functionality as natural stone.

These stone textures can even have a rough structure that simulates the stone effect and can be as similar as natural stone.

This stone texture solution will be a very attractive solution to combine with other colours such as grey or deep red to look for that contrast in our walls.

Cement-like texture

More and more homes are opting to use cement walls, and this material has become one of the most popular options in recent years due to the variety of advantages that cement offers in the walls of our home.

Cement, being a continuous surface, is very easy to clean and is ideal for use if you want to use a cooling system, as it transmits both heat and cold well.

Another advantage, and for many people, one of the most important, is that cement can be applied on top of surfaces such as tiles, glass… so that we can shorten the building process.

When cleaning a cement wall you only need water and neutral PH soap, this will be enough to keep your walls clean.

Although there are also types of imitation cement finishes, for example with wood with this laminate or by means of a paper with this type of imitation that we will implement directly to our partition wall. The concrete type wood laminate can be used for furniture that we want to give this decorative plus, although normally this type of finish is done on the walls.

There is a multitude of concrete type finishes such as according to colours (light grey, dark, pink), with patterns (either tile type, perforated sheet type, etc).

Brick texture for walls

If you are looking to give your home a more rustic style, the ideal is to use brick pieces, although wood, for example, also achieves finishes with rustic atmospheres. The most commonly used brick pieces are mission bricks, which are thin pieces that cover the entire wall with a width of only one centimetre.

The result of using brick pieces tends to be quite pleasing as it gives the home a relaxed and traditional atmosphere. There is also another type of brick, which gives a warmer and cosier atmosphere, this is the mud brick.

This type of brick tends to look good outdoors, but if your idea is to use it indoors it can be used with cold materials such as steel or glass, creating a more industrial style. In addition, the mud brick can be painted and use only the texture left by the brick, but with a different and special colour.

Now brick textures are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere at an affordable price. There are a multitude of 3D designs to simulate the brick effect on our walls. With this three-dimensional structure we can play with our lighting to give a light/shadow effect that provides intimacy to some areas.

Wood texture for our walls

Natural wood will always be a good option for the walls of your home. Wooden walls are ideal for achieving a hospitable atmosphere in interior spaces. Being such a versatile material, it has a multitude of imitations for wallpaper or 3D paper.

There is another option that can replace natural wood and these are materials such as tiles, ceramic slabs, etc. that resemble the appearance of wood.

Smooth textured walls

Many people choose to decorate their homes with smooth textured walls.

Although it seems to be the easiest option when it comes to combining with details and elements in the home, it can become a real headache when it comes to deciding on one design or another. So that this doesn’t happen, here are some tips.

So that the wall is not left with a basic design, it is recommended to combine some shapes and lines with materials such as stone, in this way, the wall will not be so basic.

The result of using smooth textured walls will have a lot to do with the colours we have chosen for the wall, as, depending on the factors chosen, we will achieve a warmer, colder, cosier, etc. atmosphere.

If you want to know more about the wall textures for interiors that exist or if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. At Vika Interior, we solve all your doubts.


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