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Publicado el 23 de September de 2020

We do not want you to waste your time so the answer to one of the questions that you ask yourself the most when it comes to putting wallpaper on textured wall is if they can wallpaper without any problem and the answer is YES.

Now, not everything is valid nor does it have to look good, so we show you all the options to wallpaper over textured wall and make your home or space a new and renovated place.

How to prepare the surface to place wallpaper over textured walls?

Let’s start with the first of all, we have to get rid of the textured wall to be able to later place the wallpaper. It is a task of several working days by professionals, in addition to the cost of using materials for it.

Anyway there are cheaper and simpler ways that we can cover ourselves. The ideal is to hire an interior designer in Malaga to do all the technical work and to advise you at all times.

Cover the textured wall: Place panels on the walls

The first option is not to remove but to add material. You can cover the textured wall by placing plasterboard, wood or cork panels, according to your needs and later add the wallpaper on the smooth surface. It is a good solution for a single room or small area but not very practical for remodeling an entire house.

As a detail, it supposes a small reduction of the space, but it is also true that it supposes an extra isolation. Advice! If the textured wall is very sharp, before caulking it is advisable to pass a coarse sandpaper over the wall and make it as blunt as possible, making your work easier.

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Remove the textured wall to place wallpaper

The second option consists of the opposite, withdrawing material. It is the most used option to remove the textured wall, sand the walls. It is also something that anyone can do with few tools and patience.

The thickness will depend on how the paint was applied in its day, if it was well with a roller or a brush, the level of relief will depend on this. If you opt for this option, there are wall sanders of various types that will speed up your work.

What are the options for wallpapering walls with textured wall?

The textured wall is a technique that became fashionable in the 80s in order to conceal irregularities in the walls, but this fashion has already been left behind, giving way to different alternatives to smooth walls and give your home a facelift both in quality as decoration.

Wallpapering walls with textured wall using conventional wallpapers is not recommended if you have not previously followed any of the two previous steps. But if you are at the point of having the wall ready to add the desired paper, we leave you here some of the best options for wallpapering walls with textured wall following the latest trends.

Wallpaper for bathrooms and kitchens

There are a multitude of wallpaper on textured wall for wet areas, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. For this type of room, wallpapers tend to be used where dark tones stand out. It is ideal for making more elegant rooms, giving a touch of distinction and modernity to the room.

They are also super functional papers since, in addition to providing a personal style for these areas of the house, they have impermeability among their characteristics.


How do you remove textured walls

Bedroom wallpaper

There are different approaches when decorating a bedroom. If your idea is to give a minimalist touch to your bedroom, we recommend using a paper that shows elegance, freshness, and complex in its simplicity.

If on the other hand you want to give it a more welcoming touch without losing its avant-garde touch, wrinkled wallpaper is an option to seriously consider. At Vika Interior we have contemporary designs that adapt to what you are looking for.

papel pintado

Living room wallpaper

To decorate a living room, a range of options opens up, all of them interesting. We can opt for a wallpaper on vinyl gotele with a matte finish. The designer can also choose to go for a textured or embossed wallpaper. All the options are valid, as long as it allows a harmony with the furniture that accompanies it.

The choice by an interior designer of the best wallpaper can make a difference, turning an entire room into a very special space. We hope that it has helped you to find ideas to redecorate your room, at Vika Interior we help you reinvent your room from giving you the best solution for the current wall to achieving the style and decoration of your dreams. Goodbye dear gotele!


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