Furniture for narrow corridors: all the key points

Publicado el 19 de December de 2023

Narrow corridors can be a challenge to furnish. However, with well-chosen narrow corridor furniture and the advice of a good interior designer, you can make the most of them, making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Today we will look at which designer furniture is optimal, and how interior designers play a crucial role.

Types of furniture for narrow corridors

When it comes to furnishing and decorating a narrow corridor, knowing how to choose the right furniture is key to making the most of the space without diminishing circulation too much. There are furniture options for narrow corridors that are perfectly adapted to this type of reduced space. Knowing the best alternatives will help you make the right decision, so here are some of the options.

Console tables

Console tables are narrow and elongated, making them perfect for hallways and entryways. They provide a place to put keys, mail or other items without getting in the way. Console tables with slim legs take up even less space. And those of different sizes and heights allow you to play with decoration and storage.

Ladder shelves

Ladder shelves, fixed to the wall, are ideal for small corridors, as they do not take up floor space. They also help to visually lengthen the corridor.

Elongated side tables

Another piece of furniture for narrow corridors are the narrow and elongated side tables that fit perfectly in narrow corridors. They can be used to store books, photo frames, etc. They also add a decorative touch to the space.

Wall coat racks

Wall-mounted coat racks are essential in narrow corridors where there is no room for wide furniture. There is an infinite number of models, from simple hooks to elaborate coat racks in the shape of trees or animals. They all serve the purpose of hanging coats and accessories without taking up horizontal space.

Narrow wardrobes

Narrow wardrobes, also known as column wardrobes, are another great solution for small hallways. They offer vertical storage for sheets, towels and other large items that wouldn’t fit in a regular wardrobe.

Slim shelving

Narrow shelves are ideal for making the most of every inch in a narrow hallway. They can be used to display photos and decorations without taking up space for circulation. And unlike normal shelves, they do not protrude excessively from the wall.

furniture for narrow corridors

The role of an interior designer in decorating a narrow hallway

Making the most of a small hallway requires expertise and creativity. A professional interior designer brings a key strategic vision, optimising every available centimetre both functionally and aesthetically. In addition to knowing how to choose furniture for narrow corridors, their knowledge makes a big difference to the final result. Some of the most important aspects are:

Dimensioning and layout

A designer accurately calculates the dimensions of the corridor and recommends the right furniture according to those dimensions. He or she also analyses the circulation flows to place each element in the optimal location.

Creative storage solutions

Identifying unused chinks where to install cupboards, shelves and drawers for extra storage is a key aspect, for which we have plenty of ingenious solutions, such as niches in the wall or compartments under the stairs.

Making the most of height

In very narrow corridors, vertical use is crucial, hanging pictures or installing floor-to-ceiling cupboards, the designer studies the height of the corridor to the millimetre in order to use it in the most efficient way.

Aesthetic balance

A designer avoids the decoration of a narrow corridor becoming overloaded or oppressive. He knows how to play with light, colour and proportions to create a harmonious space, wide to the eye and easy to walk through.

Functionality and integration

The designer’s aim is for a small corridor to be not only beautiful, but also 100% functional. Each piece of furniture and decorative element has a purpose and is integrated in a cohesive way into the whole.

As you have seen, with the right solutions and a strategic approach, you can make the most of a narrow corridor. The key is to choose types of furniture for narrow corridors that take up little space and make the most of the verticality, and with the help of our Marbella interior design professionals at Vika we will achieve a small corridor that is not only very practical, but also looks spectacular.


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