Living room design trends 2023

Publicado el 23 de October de 2020

As with fashion, new trends are generated every year that mark the styles of decorating homes around the world. There are many styles and combinations to play with so that your home has its own personality. But if you want to get every room in your home to breathe a modern interior design, today we will talk about the latest living room design trends for 2023.

Top 3 decorative trends for living rooms in 2023

Next year we will be able to enjoy a wide variety of styles to decorate our living room: Contemporary, avant-garde, rustic, industrial, minimalist styles, etc. It is going to be a year in which each room decoration style will have a place as long as it is incorporated and adapted to the characteristics of the room. Some of the styles that you will surely see the most in 2023 are:

Design of minimalist living rooms, the style of the avant-garde

One of the most daring styles for living rooms and one that has had the most success in recent years. A decoration for the minimalist living room gives a touch of design, avant-garde and distinction to our living room. Within the minimalist style, it stands out mainly for using little furniture, considerably increasing the space in our living room, although on the contrary, we will have less space to store our things.

Another of the lines that this style follows is the use of bright colors, which increases the sensation of being a clean style. As we have mentioned before, it stands out for the scarcity of furniture, which makes your choice of furniture much more important than in other styles.

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A different style perfect for large rooms but with which we must be very clear about what we are looking to achieve.

We want to help you achieve a modern living room design that turns your living room into a comfortable space that adapts to the needs and tastes of those who will live in it.

Design for Nordic style living room, a style with which not to fail

Living room designs with a Nordic design stand out for the use of simple details, the use of light colors and the use of wood as a common thread. Nordic decoration is another avant-garde style that will set the trend in living rooms during 2023.

The sensation of warmth that they transmit, together with the spaciousness that they give to the room, favors that it is a style that is always present.

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Vintage design for your living room, you mark the limit

Are you one of those who like to take risks? Then start considering decorating your living room in a vintage style. It stands out for being a style in which we are the ones who decide where the limit is. If you consider yourself a groundbreaking person, you can decide to use very daring combinations of designs and colors. While if your style is more traditional, you can choose to use furniture with a simple design. A very personal style in which each element of decoration conveys its personality.

In recent years, a large number of vintage stores have appeared, both physical and online, where you can find those elements that will turn your living room into a unique environment. There is also the option of the markets, where you can find authentic treasures to give a second life as part of your living room.

How to choose the design of my living room in Malaga for 2023?

We have seen some of the living room design trends for 2023, ideal for apartments and villas in Malaga, which will be most popular next year, but they are not the only ones. Next year, the designs of living rooms with an industrial style and those with more rustic touches will also stand out, both just as valid as the previous ones.

However, when deciding which design is the best fit, we have to take into account what our needs are. It is not the same if the space we have has 10m2 or 25m2. Neither if we live alone, in couples or as a family with small children. These are factors that any interior designer must take into account when choosing one.

We hope that this short post on living room interior design trends for 2023 has helped you decide on one style or another. As specialists in interior design in Malaga, we want to help you achieve a modern design that turns your living room into a comfortable space that adapts to the needs and tastes of those who will live in it.


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