Minimalist decoration: the definitive keys

Publicado el 20 de January de 2023

Minimalist decoration is one of the styles that has gained the most importance in recent years. We increasingly take into account the fact that on most occasions, less is more, and decoration is undoubtedly one of those occasions. Carrying it out is not as easy as it seems, so today we will discuss how to carry it out and what you should have in each of the decoration points.

Keys you should know about minimalist decoration

Like everything, minimalist decoration also has its keys and tricks for you to carry it out properly.

  • Functionality: this is the basis of minimalism since everything that makes up the rooms must have some function so that the furniture is not points that bother or make it difficult to pass properly. In addition, elements that are merely decorative such as ornate shelves, corner tables or shelves are practically prohibited in minimalist decoration.
  • Harmonization: by not using so many decorative elements, you must achieve an environment that is not empty or cold but without overcharging, hence you must achieve complete harmony. One of the keys to minimalist decoration is to play with geometry and different textures.
  • Similar color palettes: within the game that different colors can give, do not forget to stay in the same or similar tones so as not to break the harmonization.

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Tips to carry out the minimalist decoration

Although the minimalist decoration can be carried out and customized to the taste of each one and taking into account the place where we will carry it out, there are some tips that you should take into account and that will be very useful.

Multifunctional spaces

You must bear in mind that in minimalism the fluidity of the spaces is sought, so you must ensure that there are no great differences or obstacles between them that do not allow it. In addition, the rooms can be multifunctional, also referring to one of the pillars of minimalist decoration.Tips para llevar a cabo la decoración minimalista

Lighting as a decorative piece

The minimalist decoration in many cases can be less welcoming or empty, but there are different options that you can play with to somehow fill that space. One of those keys is found in the walls, adding mirrors or textured papers are some of the options. Also, do not forget that the light, and therefore the lamps, can also be decorative pieces.

Practical furniture

It is very important that the furniture that you decide to add is highly functional, for example, it is useless to place tables or shelves if they are not to carry out some task within the room.

Light colors

In minimalist decoration, light and pastel color palettes tend to succeed, but that does not mean that you should use those. It will depend a lot on the spaces, for example, if it is a small space you will get amplitude with light colors and if, on the contrary, it is a large space, the dark colors will be able to diminish and make it more welcoming.

Play with the textures of the elements

Do not forget this element that can achieve multiple options and styles, be it wood, metal, marble, stone…

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Bet on the personalization of spaces

If in addition to the minimalist decoration, you want to give it a more personal touch and add some accessories or elements that you love or are of great value, you should not worry, everything is good in its fair measure. Now yes, try to position yourself in places that continue with the harmony of the style.

If you want to achieve a perfect minimalist decoration, services such as interior design can be of great help. In addition, after the keys and tips that we have given, they will serve to know and implement the minimalist decoration in some of your rooms.


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