Modern and elegant living room design

Publicado el 28 de July de 2021

Who does not want to give their living room a modern and sophisticated touch at the same time? At Vika we are experts in interior design and reforms, we bring you the latest trends in the design of modern and elegant living rooms for your home.

The key for your living room to perfectly fit you is to know your own needs, being clear about what these are and together with the tips and trends that we show you below, you will be able to show you what the design of the modern living rooms of your dreams is like.

Modern luxury living rooms

If you are looking for a luxurious style for your living room, modern semi-outdoor living rooms are a winning option. Luxury living rooms are increasingly committed to eliminating any type of obstacle and creating spacious and bright spaces. If we also have good views from our home, this option gives it a distinguished and special style.

Eliminating unnecessary columns, including walls, and with large windows, we achieve this truly elegant and illustrious model of the room.

In addition to this distribution of space, we need to have top quality furniture, leaving aside the colors or distribution of the furniture, they must be top quality materials so as not to clash with our luxury living room.

Modern living rooms with Boho chic style

The Boho chic style is setting the trend and becoming a benchmark among modern living rooms, this trend is based on daring, combining creativity without predetermined frameworks and using your own style standards, daring to mix colors, periods or even styles in a same terrain.

When we mix colours, shapes and materials in the same space, we give it a unique and personal touch.

Although we are very fans of the Boho chic style, it is true that it has better results when we trust a designer and interior design professional, perfectly communicating our character and needs so that our living room always represents a part of us and is functional for us.

Thanks to the designer’s knowledge and expressing our own needs and his use of trends, this technique with such a free and imaginative style gives rise to modern and above all unique living rooms.

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Dining rooms with a modern and elegant touch

Although we are talking about modern living rooms, there are certain things that never go out of style, such as white and raw colors, even modern gray living rooms. When we dress our living room with these colors we get a clean, elegant and modern style that is always part of the trend.

The combination of these colors with other dark ones, such as navy blue or pine green, creates a sophisticated and avant-garde contrast that conquers all designers.

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Opting for this type of modern dining room can be a great success, because it gains a lot of space and its versatility in its use is very similar. In this way, space is gained and with the modern touch with the colors described above, contrasting with designer furniture (both lacquered and natural wood) and including decorative elements of its tone or style, we will gain a home focused on the enjoyment of the inhabitants of the house.

After reading this article on modern and elegant dining rooms for this season, we hope we have given you ideas on how to start the redesign of your home. If you still have doubts, you can always count on the help of professional interior designers and give your home a facelift.

At Vika we are specialists in interior design and we are at your disposal to help you with the reform of one of the key pieces of the home such as the living rooms. We have extensive experience designing and decorating interiors, from fine-tuning the walls, creating new spaces, to choosing custom-made furniture and various decorative items. Contact us!


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