The best tips for painting your living room

Publicado el 17 de December de 2020

Every living room has its magic, just like every person, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Normally questions arise about how should I paint the living room, what colour should I paint the living room, or what do I need to paint the living room, so today we are going to help you with a series of tips for painting the living room to enhance it and convey all its virtues regardless of how it is.

This guide to the 4 best tips for painting living rooms is simply a guideline model of how you can carry out this activity in your room. Although in order to carry it out, we always advise you to hire the services of interior design to be able to execute it and advise you, thus guaranteeing a professional finish.

Painting as a main element in the decoration of living rooms

The first question that comes to mind when it comes to changing our living room is the paint. It is one of the key elements to achieve the result we want. Although at first the walls may seem trivial elements, they have a great weight in the style and atmosphere that our home transmits.

When decorating our living rooms we must take into account our own tastes and not get carried away only by trends, we must remember that although fashions are very tempting, they change quickly, and not all of our living room will change with the same speed, so we must seek harmony between the elements and the paint.

Even so, you can always find great ideas among the trends in living room decoration.

The characteristics of the room are the ones that will tell us what paint and furniture we need, it is not the same a room with a lot of light in which the colours are brightened a lot, where we recommend not to use too intense or bright colours, than another, on the contrary, with little natural light where we will try to give it more warmth.

Furthermore, when we talk about the living room, we are talking about a room where we spend most of our time and we try to make it as cosy as possible, which is why we recommend mainly warm and neutral tones. These tones do not saturate the view and allow us to play with the decorative style.

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Ideas and tips for painting the living room: what colour should I paint the living room?

When it comes to painting our living room we all have our own tastes, but we want to give you a hand by bringing you our top tips for decorating the living room:

  • White paint. It is a classic, you can’t go wrong with white, it is a luminous, elegant tone that allows us to play with the decoration without any limits.
  • Neutral and earth tones. As we have already mentioned, warm tones make our living room more welcoming and give it a distinguished and comfortable style.
  • Blue and/or grey tones. If you are looking for a modern and personal touch, blue and grey tones are ideal, these colours make a clear difference to more neutral tones such as white, without losing their distinction.
  • Pale red paint. Dare and give a livelier touch to your living room with a combination of pale red tones. But remember that these colours have a great strength, we don’t want to go too far, so if you decide to go for this option, we recommend you to reduce the strength of the red together with earth tones or neutrals.

But, how should I paint a living room depending on its size?

The size of our living room will be one of the key issues when choosing how to paint our living room. Thus, our tips for painting the living room would be: if it is a small room, mixing different colours is a great option, visually, the room is divided into different parts, giving the feeling of having a larger size.

But if you are going to play with different colours, it is advisable that only one of them is the main tone, and that the rest dance around it, making the room shine. This combination of neutral tones and a colour element is fantastic.

If you have a spacious living room, one option that we love is navy blue, we know, it seems a bit dull, however it is the best valued colour. Its use has a very positive effect on the mood. Combining it with furniture in white or neutral tones gives a clean and elegant style.

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How to paint a living room in zones

Should I paint the living room in zones? It is common to paint the living room in zones, this way we create a feeling of more space, as we have said before, it is ideal for small living rooms or to get a greater feeling of spaciousness, this is another of our tips for painting the living room.

But you don’t just have the option of combining different colours, you can also take the next step and use different textures together with neutral tones. A good option is to use wallpaper to decorate that imitates different elements such as wood, granite, countryside, etc….

Thanks to this option our walls get a more personal and cosy touch, allowing us to have a more personal living room without saturating the room with a multitude of colours. Now you know all the tips and tricks for painting the living room and we hope that with these tips you will get the most out of the painting of your living room and that it will get its own personality. However, remember that it is always advisable to put yourself in the hands of a professional interior designer to carry out reforms or to paint the living room.


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