White and wood living room decoration: the keys to perfection

Publicado el 23 de February de 2023

The decoration of spaces is becoming more and more important in homes and this will greatly influence our comfort, warmth and even how cosy we find it. There are a multitude of styles and combinations that can be made, but one of the most outstanding has been, is and will be the decoration of white living room and wood.

Although this combination is already a guaranteed success, there are different tips and tricks that you should bear in mind so as not to spoil it or make the most of it.

White and wood living room decoration according to style

The combination of white and wood living room has become a basic in the vast majority of styles that we can use to decorate our rooms.

Among them, one of the iconic styles of white and wood living room decoration is the minimalist style. It is about creating a simple but functional decoration, without overloading the spaces with unnecessary elements.

Other styles of white and wood living room decoration will achieve a much more cosy and rural space, therefore, you should know your tastes well, and adapt it to this one.

Choosing the right white and wood living room tone

When we talk about two colours such as white and wood, we can find a wide range of tones that can transmit very different things.

For example, the decoration of a white and wood living room where the main colours are pure white and an intense wood tone, will give the sensation of a clean, fresh and clean space.

On the other hand, if we choose white shades with a yellowish undertone and more subtle wood tones, the space will be much more welcoming.

White and wood living room decoration without fear of combination

In many cases, when we decide to decorate a white and wood living room, we think that we should choose 3-5 different tones and only play with them, but… Nothing further from the truth!

One of the essences of this type of decoration is the great game that can give in terms of the combination of types of tones and undertones. Fear not, the more contrast and different colours and textures there are in the space, the more likely you are to succeed.

Decoración salón blanco y madera natural

White and wood living room, always with plants

If we had to choose a complementary colour for a white and wood living room decoration, green would be it. Therefore, in most styles, when you don’t know what decorative element to add, one or more plants will always be a good choice.

We can combine plants in different ways in the room, either to cover corners, decorate table centrepieces, hang them on the wall…

In addition, we can also use them as prints. As we have already said, when in doubt… Always use plants!

Take into account the architecture of the white and wooden living room

When we choose a white and wood living room decoration style, we should also pay attention to the details of the room’s architecture.

By this we mean that a room with a classic white ceiling will not have the same style or details as if it has a wooden beamed ceiling, where a more rural or Nordic style stands out.

The floor in white and wood living room decoration

Again, this will depend largely on the style chosen and the colours used. However, in most cases of white and wood living rooms, the floors should be more neutral colours such as off-white (or even olive green for the more daring) or parquet, giving more importance to wood tones.

Now you know a little more about white and wood living rooms, although there is still a lot to discover. If you want to bring to your home a white and wood living room in Vika we will create it totally adapted to your needs and by the hand of the best interior design professionals.


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