How to decorate a guest room

Publicado el 29 de November de 2022

If you are a person who often receives visits from friends or family for several days, it is advisable to reserve a space in your home for these occasions. Of course, you should think very carefully about how to decorate a guest room as it should be used to receive guests and also to be used for the rest of the time.

You should also take into account elements such as the size and location of the room you have available, as this will determine the uses you can make of it and the furniture you can place in it.

What furniture to use for a small guest room?

First of all, remember that the decoration of the guest room should be in the same decorative style as the rest of the house, saving space but following the same line.

In these cases, we must make the most of the space as much as possible, as it is essential to have at least a bed and a wardrobe in which to store clothes and suitcases. Therefore, if this room is quite small, which it usually is, we recommend that you choose a modern sofa-bed to decorate a small guest room as it fulfils a double function in the same piece of furniture. It also gives us the option of using it as a living room or when we do not have visitors.

Normally the decoration of guest rooms are usually interior rooms or rooms that do not have much natural light. For these situations it is very important to place lamps on the bedside tables or to make sure that the ceiling light is appropriate.

Another element that cannot be missing in the decoration of a small guest room is a wall mirror. This simple detail will make the room more spacious and make it easier for guests to get dressed.

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Decoration for a multi-purpose guest room

After covering the needs of our guest, we must think about what other functions the bedroom can have and thus turn it into a multipurpose room when decorating a guest room.

A very common option is to use it as a study room, as with just a desk we can create a perfect space for this use. A great piece of furniture for this situation is a bookshelf where you can place books or notes and which also provides extra storage space for the guest room. If your work allows it, you can also convert this room into an area for working or resting.

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Another idea for your small guest room is to turn it into a dressing room. Thanks to the mirror and the wardrobe we have mentioned above, you can have a perfect place to store clothes you don’t wear so often or to set aside a place in your home just to change. Also, if you are a make-up lover, you can place a small headdress in which you can prepare yourself before going out.

But it is very important that you understand that this room is a guest room and not a room to collect junk or clothes that you don’t use, at least if you want to use it that way. To decorate a guest room, we recommend using light and warm colours with great luminosity, either with the use of a white stor, white sofas and white laminate furniture or with wood finishes. This will give the room more space than it actually has.

For families with children, a guest room is also an ideal opportunity to create a playroom. In these cases, order must be a priority, so shelves or storage boxes will make this room as versatile as possible.

Remember that at Vika as interior design specialists in Malaga we can advise you on how to decorate your guest room or multipurpose room so that you can make the most of it.


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