Industrial style: all the keys

Publicado el 26 de February de 2024

Industrial style decoration has gained popularity in recent years, becoming a modern and avant-garde option for many homes and commercial spaces. Today we will explain in depth all the keys to achieve an impressive industrial style in your home or flat.

What is Industrial Style Decoration?

Industrial style is inspired by the aesthetic of old warehouses and factories, incorporating elements such as exposed brickwork, metal beams and exposed pipes. This design approach embraces rusticity and simplicity, creating a unique atmosphere full of character.

How to Decorate Your Home or Flat Industrial Style?

Diving into the world of industrial style decoration is to open the doors to a universe of creativity, authenticity and character. This design approach, inspired by the aesthetics of old factories and warehouses, has won the hearts of those looking for a modern and avant-garde atmosphere.

Elements of Industrial Decoration

Industrial décor is characterised by the incorporation of specific elements that lend authenticity and character. Key elements include metallic pendant lights, pipe shelving, weathered wooden furniture and rough textiles. These elements not only add an industrial touch, but also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Industrial Colours

The industrial colour palette often includes neutral tones such as grey, black and white. These colours are ideal for creating a neutral base that highlights the texture and structure of industrial elements. Adding touches of more vibrant colours, such as red or dark blue, can provide contrast and personality to the décor.

Industrial furniture for your home

estilo industrial- Diseño Mobiliario en Málaga y Marbella

Furniture plays a key role in creating an industrial style atmosphere in your home. Below, we’ll explore designer furniture options for different areas of your home.

Industrial Kitchen

In the kitchen, opt for tables and chairs with metal frames and distressed wood surfaces. Pendant lights over the kitchen island can have metal shades to add an extra industrial touch. Also, consider open metal shelving to display utensils and tableware.

Industrial living room

In the living room, choose sofas and armchairs in worn leather or rough fabric for a vintage feel. Metal and wooden coffee tables, along with iron shelving, will complement the industrial style perfectly. Don’t forget to include cushions and blankets in earthy tones to soften the mood.

Industrial style bathroom

In the bathroom, exposed plumbing fixtures and worn-looking tiles are key elements. Opt for bathroom furniture in reclaimed wood or metal to maintain stylistic consistency. Metal-framed mirrors and industrial wall sconces will complete the aesthetic.

Industrial-style bedroom

In the bedroom, the choice of bed and wardrobe plays a crucial role. Metal beds with simple headboards and industrial-style bedside tables can transform your space into a cosy, characterful haven. Use metal table lamps and duvets in neutral tones for a relaxed atmosphere.

Why choose industrial decorating specialists?

Although decorating in an industrial style may seem simple, the advice of interior design specialists can make all the difference. Not only do experts have an in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and materials, but they can also customise the design to your preferences and needs.

Professionals specialising in industrial interior design will help you to:
Advise you on the most suitable materials and finishes for this style.
Combine textures and colours to achieve an aesthetic balance.
Provide solutions for integrating installations and wiring discreetly.
Maximise natural light with large windows, skylights, etc.
Create an open layout based on functionality.
Achieve a modern and contemporary industrial style, not a simple imitation.

In conclusion, industrial style décor offers a unique and appealing aesthetic that can completely transform your home. From the choice of décor elements to the selection of furnishings, every detail counts. By choosing industrial decorating specialists, you can ensure that your home reflects your personal style while making the most of the key features of this fascinating style.



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