Interior decoration with flowers

Publicado el 24 de December de 2021

Flowers bring life to your home, whether they are natural or artificial flowers, they give it a different touch and more energy. We tell you the keys to decorating your home with flowers, whatever type they are and how to combine them correctly.

Flowers to decorate the interior of houses

The most important thing when decorating your home with flowers is to choose a style and range of colours that go in harmony with the rest of the decorative elements in your home. You can choose between natural or artificial flowers, although the trend is increasingly to decorate with artificial flowers.

Natural flowers in the home bring life and colour, and also allow us to make different combinations of tones and styles until we find the one that best suits us.

We must take into account the seasonality of the plants and their necessary care so that they look good, but if we achieve this, our house will have a totally different atmosphere, just by incorporating flowers as decoration.

Decoración con flores interior de casa

Flowers look great in combination with worn wooden furniture or furniture in a rustic style.

Artificial flowers decoration

If you are a lover of plants and flowers but do not have the time, energy or simply the desire to take care of their care and needs, we have the ideal option for you, artificial flowers.

Sometimes it is the conditions of the home that do not allow the plants to look their best, such as lack of sun and natural light, also in these cases where the room becomes more dreary plants help to regain that lost sparkle.

Artificial flowers are a great option because they allow us to have all kinds of plants regardless of the conditions of our home, and especially because we can not worry about their care.

Another of the great advantages of artificial flowers for decoration is that we can forget about many of the inconveniences of real plants, such as the remains of stems or leaves that fall, as well as the appearance of insects.

Another perfect option is to decorate with dried flowers.

Ideas for decorating vases

When you start decorating your home with flowers, you should also take into account the type of vases and the style you want to convey in your home.

One of the favourite and most elegant options are glass vases, it is true that this option limits us to using only artificial flowers for decoration as they do not need soil or other elements that interfere with the clean combination of the glass and the plant or flower as such.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more daring and groundbreaking, flowers for large vases are a different option. Large vases with artificial plants for entrance halls will provide us with a picturesque and spectacular entrance to our home.

Flores para decorar el interior de casas

Artificial flower centrepieces for the living room

Artificial flower centrepieces for the living room are an alternative option to vases, find the flowers that best match and create your own flower centrepiece.

A distinguished and visually very attractive option, but you must take into account the colours that already dress your living room and that you want to highlight.

For example in a dark living room, a colourful artificial flower centrepiece will draw the eye and take the gloom out of the room whilst maintaining elegance.

We hope we have helped you to opt for the decoration with flowers for your home, if you still have doubts you can contact us, we can help you with our interior design services in Malaga, put yourself in the hands of professionals to get the style that best suits your home.


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