Ideas and modern bedrooms design: double and teenage bedrooms

Publicado el 21 de January de 2022

The bedroom is the place where we end and begin each new day. It is the first and last place we see, so it is important that it is a place where we feel comfortable and the decoration matches our personality. For this we leave you with a series of tips for modern bedroom design.

Having a modern, elegant and different bedroom is essential for us to be able to fully enjoy our home.

Decoration of modern and elegant double rooms and bedrooms

If you think it’s time to give your master bedroom a makeover you have many options, you can start by changing the tone of the walls, the main furniture, or just add new decorative elements.

The colour of the walls totally changes the essence of our double bedroom, from a dark tone, such as black, to a neutral tone, such as an earthy colour, it makes a huge difference between styles. You just have to find the one you feel most identified with and express it. From the colour chosen for the walls, we will start to select the decorative elements according to the style selected.

When we at Vika Interior talk about a double bedroom, it is often a shared bedroom, so it can be more difficult to find a balance between the two personalities, which is why we opt for more neutral options in which both can be identified.

Another option is for each of them to have a small part of the bedroom where they can express themselves, without them being in visual conflict with each other. That is to say, although each one has their own space, their style follows the same line, so that both will be represented in the same bedroom without breaking with the aesthetics.

Decoración de habitaciones y dormitorios matrimoniales modernos y elegantes

Ideas for modern youth bedrooms

The transition between adolescence and adulthood is that time when it is more difficult to find the balance, as in life, it seems that we are between two stages with very different and differentiated styles.

Ecru and neutral tones are usually a great option, as they allow us many combinations, both with more crazy elements typical of adolescence, as well as with more elegant and sophisticated elements typical of adulthood.

Soft earth colours or even greys are ideal raw colours to start decorating a modern youth bedroom. If, on the other hand, we are looking for something more classic, we can always opt for white, which allows us to make all kinds of combinations.

The soul of the bedroom is the bed, perhaps it is time to abandon the small beds and give way to a larger bed with a more sophisticated decoration. For the decoration we can rely on cushions or blankets that transmit our personality.

As for other decorative elements, it is the ideal time to incorporate a little green into our lives, introducing plants and flowers in our bedroom gives it that youthful and modern look that brings a lot of life to a room.

Interior design in Madrid

Modern white and grey bedroom design

Modern white and grey bedroom designs are on trend and never go out of fashion, a modern and sophisticated option to give a distinguished and unique touch to your bedroom.

When we combine a white colour with different shades of grey we get a very elegant look.

Diseño de dormitorios con vestidor

Modern bedroom design with dressing room

Among the latest trends in bedrooms, a dressing room is a must. It is not necessary to have a large room for a dressing room, you can create a dressing room in an alcove in your bedroom.

For example, in a corner place a wardrobe that reaches up to the ceiling, just in front of this wardrobe create small corners where you can place both clothes and accessories with different organisers that follow the style of your bedroom. Between the wardrobe and our new way of organising complements and accessories, place a full-length mirror.

In this way, just by using this small plot of land you will have a small dressing room ready in your bedroom.

We hope we have helped you to choose the perfect decoration for your bedroom, if you still have doubts you can contact us, we can help you with the design of modern bedrooms in Malaga, put yourself in the hands of professionals to get the style that best suits your home.


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