Modern and original stone bathrooms

Publicado el 20 de August de 2021

The bathroom is the great forgotten of homes but one of the most important rooms, because a good bathroom dresses and decorates a whole home. In Vika we are experts in reform and interior design and we are going to give you the keys to convert your bathroom in modern and affordable stone bathrooms.

Among the latest bathroom trends we highlight the stone bathroom, with a modern and sophisticated style we get to give our home a very distinguished touch.

Let’s not forget that the bathroom is an area where there is contact with water and therefore humidity, so the materials we choose to dress our bathroom must be of good quality.

Types of stone bathrooms

The first thing we should know about these is what types of modern stone bathrooms exist, although a small modification gives rise to a new style, in general terms we can distinguish between at least 4 different models of the most common stone bathrooms which are natural stone, wood, with stone effect and with decorative stones.

Natural stone bathrooms

Natural stone bathrooms are the favourite option, they give us a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a style for our bathroom, the main natural stone materials that we can use are river stones, marble, slate, sandstone, granite or irregular stone. We tell you a little more about the types of natural stones and the benefits of each of them.

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River stones for bathing

River stones in the bathroom give us a sophisticated style and are low-slip, so they also provide stability and security for our bathroom.

Marble for the bathroom

Marble is the most used natural bathroom stone, it is a high quality stone, making marble the protagonist of our bathroom is always a winning option that brings a modern and elegant style to our bathroom.

Mármol para el baño

Slate for the bathroom

Slate is a visually beautiful material for a bathroom. Slate bathrooms have a great waterproofing capacity which makes this natural stone an ideal choice.

pizarra para el baño

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Sandstones for the bathroom

The limestone and sandstone bathrooms in earth tones dress our bathroom with a modern style and different from the typical, these are sedimentary rocks formed by grains of sand that with the passage of time and pressure become a single structure.

Areniscas para el baño

Source: Interiores Magazine

Granite for the bathroom

The best thing about granite is that it allows us total personalisation, we can choose the style that best fits in with the rest of our home. Granite is one of the most used materials in the home.

Irregular stone for the bathroom

A different style, irregular stones are very common in the cladding of fireplaces or outdoor areas, transferring this material to our bathroom gives it a touch of freshness.

Showers with stones: Ideas for decorating your bathroom

Showers are usually the central element of the bathroom and where the material they are made of is most important to maintain safety and avoid domestic accidents. Any of these natural stones are ideal for incorporating into our showers.

Duchas con piedras

Stone and wood bathrooms

If there is something that combines perfectly with natural stone for the bathroom, it is wood. The use of stone as cladding on the walls of our bathroom together with the use of natural stones in the shower or in the elements guarantees us a different and unique atmosphere. The freshness and innovation of these elements combined with each other will leave us with a modern and sophisticated bathroom.

Now that you know the different natural stones to incorporate in your bathroom, we hope you can give a 360º turn to this room. If you are still not sure about the style you want for your bathroom, trust in real professionals in the interior design sector and we will help you.


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