Use of noble materials for construction

Publicado el 16 de July de 2020

Surely you have heard the famous expression “you are made of another paste” and what a compliment! Well, it is the same with homes, the material from which any object or part of a home is made is of great importance and not only its appearance but also its durability will depend on this. Today we will talk about the use of noble materials for construction that will give your home an elegant and exclusive image. We will treat as experts in interior design in Malaga all the key points that will make any space a unique place, simply because of the use of the ideal materials.

What are noble materials for construction and their types?

In a sentence, noble materials are those that have a quality and presentation superior to others of the same type. The main characteristic of noble materials lies in their natural origin, without going through any industrial process, providing great quality in terms of aesthetics and properties. As for the types of noble materials for construction, we will tell you below the most used in architecture as well as the combination of various noble materials.

Natural wood in interior design

We start with the only noble material for construction that is of renewable origin most used today. Being renewable, it is one of the star sustainable materials.

materiales nobles It could be said that it is essential in interior decoration and interior design in general, very versatile since it is used in the construction of furniture, walls, floors and is key to achieving a perfect finish of things. The main options are:

  • Oak: highly resistant and durable, it provides seriousness and solidity to the construction. It is used mainly in floors and coverings, giving that touch of a cozy space.
  • Beech: it is very common, its darkened reddish color marks an elegant style. It is used in all types of furniture.
  • Mahogany – Mahogany material shades range from reddish brown to deep deep red. Noted for its resistance, it is very common to use it on furniture, doors and floors.

Natural stone as a distinctive

Natural stone is a noble material of the most resistant in terms of construction and has been used since prehistoric times as a material of great durability. If it is true that over the years and the appearance of materials such as cement and steel, the use of natural stone has been a bit displaced. Likewise, one of its great advantages is the low environmental impact of the use of stone in terms of sustainable construction. The stone is characterized above all by the different finishes, among which we can find: polished, sandblasted, honed, flamed, anticatto, etc. These finishes depend on the different tones of the stone among which we can also find from dolomite, carrara type whites, calatta … even black cheyenne type or black zimbawe granite.

Stainless steel for decoration and luxury materials

We arrive at the noble luxury material of the most daring, modern and resistant, we speak of stainless steel as a star in interior design trends. Furniture and decorative elements made of steel are characteristic for their simplicity and minimalist style.

Within the most recognized decorative styles in the world, is the minimalist style.

Like natural stone we can find different finishes:

  • By engraving: they are obtained by rolling with rollers engraved with drawings. This hardens the sheet and allows us to have thinner sheets. Ideal for coatings and large surfaces.
  • By lamination: it is the process that is applied to all flat stainless steel products, maximizing resistance to corrosion.
  • By coloring: applying color to the steel is achieved by electrolytic processes obtaining different colors.

materiales nobles

Other noble materials used in construction

Following the list of noble materials for construction, a few more are normally used that we can highlight

  • Gold: It is often used in decoration to provide a glamorous and chic look. In small doses it elevates the aesthetics of any space and gives us a feeling of exclusivity and luxury.
  • Silver: this material has thousands of applications in decoration and is commonly used. This material gives environments a contemporary touch and stands out for its versatility.
  • Bronze and brass: both are copper alloys that allow machined parts to be manufactured. In addition to being used in decorative elements, they are also used for fittings and taps.
  • Earth: used since ancient times to build houses and cities. The good thing about this material is that it is available anywhere and is abundant.
  • Gravel: used in landscaping, outdoor spaces, interior patios, etc. The gravel can be found in all kinds of colors, being able to choose the best tone for our project.

We hope that this wide variety of noble materials for luxury homes and other indoor and outdoor projects have opened up a range of possibilities for you in order to achieve the greatest harmony and balance in your stay.

Why use noble materials in luxury homes?

To achieve elegance in any construction it is almost essential to use noble materials for construction and natural materials for decoration. To achieve sensations of luxury and warmth, you have to bet on quality pieces and fabrics that make a difference. Careful textiles, textures full of elegance, softness and comfort. Another key to achieving a sophisticated interior is to provide materials with noble surfaces, such as marble or similar, wood and metals. It is important to bet on pieces that attract attention and that are radically different from everything that surrounds it. A special mirror, an antique side table or a designer armchair. With minimalist airs and simple, geometric lines, it is about creating attractive counterpoints. If you need advice from an expert designer in the use of noble materials in luxury homes, contact me through the web or Whatsaap.


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