Nordic living room decoration: a clean style

Publicado el 17 de October de 2023

Nordic living room decoration, also known as Scandinavian style, has become very popular in recent years. It is characterised by simple lines, light colours, natural materials and an overall feeling of spaciousness and lightness. Applying this style to your living room decor can make the space feel more open, clean and welcoming. In this blog we will explain the keys to achieve a perfect Nordic decoration in your living room.

What is Nordic decoration?

Nordic living room decoration has its roots in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Due to the cold climate of the region, historically the focus has been on letting in as much natural light as possible to warm and brighten the interior spaces.

Some key elements of the Nordic style are:

  • Light, neutral colours such as white, beige, grey and pale blue.
  • Natural materials such as wood, linen, cotton and wool.
  • Warm textures such as wood and natural fibres.
  • Minimalist and geometric patterns.
  • Subdued but abundant lighting.
  • Functional and practical furniture.
  • Simple decorative accessories.

The general idea is to create a calm, orderly and bright atmosphere, using colours and materials inspired by nature.

decoracion nordica salon

Keys to Nordic living room decoration

Although the best option to fit the Nordic style into your living room is with the help of a professional interior designer, here are some practical tips to help you decorate your living room in a Nordic style:

Use light colours on walls and furniture.

The most typical is to paint the walls white or in light tones such as grey, beige or very soft blue. These colours help to reflect light and visually enlarge spaces. For furniture it is also best to use light or natural finishes such as light unvarnished wood, rattan or pastel shades. A white or grey sofa will be perfect. A large window with light curtains in natural tones can also help to enhance the brightness.

Incorporates natural textiles

Linen, cotton, jute or wool textiles with soft and warm textures will add a touch of warmth to the space. You can use cushions, blankets or rugs made from these materials, combining different textures. The rug is a key element of Nordic decoration, ideally in light and natural tones.

Choose functional and simple furniture

The idea is to prioritise practical furniture, without a lot of frills. Nordic furniture tends to have straight lines and simple shapes. Choose multifunctional sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. Wood is a star material, especially in its natural, unpainted tone. You can also incorporate wicker or rattan pieces. Keep decoration to a minimum to maintain a sense of order.

Add touches of natural vegetation

Plants are an essential element in Nordic decoration, as they bring life and freshness to the environment. You can place pots of different shapes and sizes with plants, aromatic herbs or natural flowers. The green of the plants stands out very well against the light tones of the space. Ideally, plants should be placed near windows to make the most of natural light.

Warm and natural lighting

Lighting should be functional but also warm. Use lamps with white or dim yellowish light. LED lighting is a good option to create a cosy atmosphere. Make the most of natural light by using mirrors and reflective surfaces. Candles and fireplaces also add a warm and elegant touch to Nordic décor.

Select rustic minimalist accessories

To finish decorating, you can add some accessories such as vases, bowls or ceramic candlesticks in neutral colours. You can also use pieces of wood, stone or vintage metal to add personality. Keep the number of accessories to a minimum to avoid cluttering the space. A large round clock or mirror are great Nordic decorative accents for any living room.

Incorporate wood in furniture and decoration

Wood brings warmth and is a ubiquitous material in Scandinavian interior design. You can add it in furniture, such as shelves, bookcases or side tables, as well as in wall decoration and accessories. The natural tones of untreated wood are ideal. You can also play with contrast by incorporating black and white furniture with wooden details or legs.

Take care of window decoration

Large, bright windows are typical of the Nordic style. Dress them up with curtains and net curtains in natural tones such as ecru linen or light grey. Complement with window cushions and plants around the window to create a sense of integration with nature outside.

Create distinct zones

You can visually divide the living room into living, dining and reading areas with rugs and strategic distribution of furniture. Use bookshelves or screens to delimit spaces. This creates separation and visual order in an open environment.

In short, the key to Nordic decoration lies in natural materials, simple lines and luminosity.

Don’t be afraid to play with different textures and neutral tones until you find the perfect balance. Nordic living room decoration is first and foremost a practical style that values functionality and harmony with nature. At Vika as a specialist in interior design in Marbella we will design your own ideal Nordic living room!


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