Provence decoration: a trendy style

Publicado el 23 de December de 2022

Provencal decoration is a style that maintains its cosy and warm essence in the different rooms of the house, especially when it comes to the living room, one of the rooms where we spend the most time with our guests.

To achieve it, you should know some tips and advice that will help you to create it in the right way.

Tips to achieve the perfect Provençal decoration

When we want to fully transmit a style such as provence decoration in our homes or rooms, a professional such as an interior designer will be able to do it perfectly.

Next, we will address the most important points that our interior designers take into account.

Tips para conseguir la decoración provenzal perfecta

White as base colour

Provencal decoration seeks to highlight the different textures and patterns that we can add to the decoration, following with natural effects such as wood, wicker, plants… therefore, the colour that best combines and helps to maintain the warmth is white.

White should be the main colour, so… the walls should be white almost by commandment!

A good sofa as a protagonist

We have already mentioned that one of the rooms where we spend the most time is the living room, and there is no better place to spend that time than a good sofa.
The sofa in Provencal decoration has to continue with the style so, being such a big piece in the room, its colour has to be… White!

In many occasions it seems a bad idea just thinking about it because, as we all know, it is the colour where dirt can be most noticeable. That has been somewhat left behind with the infinity of textures, subtle prints and even fabrics that make cleaning easy and not so visible.

A touch of colour with details

With the above you may interpret the style as something sober or boring but nothing could be further from the truth. Having such a neutral colour as a base, allows you to experiment and play with details of the decoration that manage to fit in perfectly.

Some of the colours most commonly used for Provencal decoration are earth tones, blues or more neutral tones.

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Provencal lounges with marble and wood

Natural textures are a key element in Provence decor. Wood and marble are a must in your living room.
These materials can be used on tables (both dining and coffee tables), chairs, small tables where you can place lamps, television furniture, etc.

Lamps and wicker furniture

Another of the materials that has become more trendy in recent years and that could not be missing in Provencal decoration is wicker. It is a very appreciated material as it does not require a lot of maintenance and does not get damaged easily.

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You can add wicker to your living room by using it in the following elements:

  • Lamps: they will give light and warmth to your living room, that’s why they are a very important detail in the provence style. You can find lamps that have wicker both in the foot and in the lampshade.
  • Carpets: this accessory can completely change a room, especially in the living room. Add a large wicker rug without fear to create the perfect space with the rest of the Provence decoration.
  • Baskets: in a living room we have all kinds of things that we can put in baskets such as blankets, remotes, firewood, cushions… There is no excuse for not putting any basket!
  • Flowerpots: if you decide not to place the carpet, you can give a more Provencal touch to the floor by using flowerpots so that the lower part of the floor is not forgotten.
  • Paintings: when a material becomes fashionable, creativity with them also increases, creating pieces such as paintings made of wicker, a classic that is back on trend.

Nature is always present

Provence decoration is inspired by rural areas, so nature was part of their daily lives. You can incorporate both larger plants and small flowers, or even stables or floral prints to convey the essence.


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