How do it refurbishment a house in ruins

Publicado el 28 de January de 2021

A dilapidated house can be seen in two ways: as a pile of rubble or as a new opportunity. Usually a dilapidated house is a very damaged and almost unfit for habitation, but there is nothing that a quality reform can not turn into a new and warm home.

Our interior design studio in Malaga, we also take care of that reform a house in ruins and the integral of flats with a lot of antiquity and uninhabited, making a rehabilitation of the house to measure.

Why refurbishment a house in ruins?

If you have the opportunity to personalise a house by renovating it to your taste, do it! We will continue conserving the splendour and peculiarity of an old house, but this time, made to our measure and including all the elements that we wish. The rehabilitation of houses is an ideal task to make the most of a home that is not suitable for living in, as well as being able to carry out the decoration in detail and impregnate it with your tastes and essence.

We will also have the opportunity to have our home totally personalised on the basis of the old house, we can enlarge it and include everything we have always wanted, such as an attic or a basement.

What to consider when refurbishment a ruined house

Before embarking on a project to refurbishment a house in ruins we must take into account different aspects, here we explain the most important ones:

Houses in ruins: refurbishment or demolition?

One of the most common doubts, do I renovate the house in ruins or do I demolish it? For this decision, we usually resort to the theory of 60 years, if the house has exceeded this period, it would need a thorough refurbishment, even the diagnosis of an expert. In the event that the useful life is less than this period, refurbishment is a great option to give the house a new lease of life.

Drawing up the project: refurbishment a house in ruins

Together with an expert we must draw up a report of all the elements involved in the refurbishment of dilapidated houses, this includes new electrical and water locations, the distribution of the rooms, etc. A document must be drawn up in which each person responsible for the area must explain their own composition of the space, checking the current state and establishing the changes.

Legal formalities for the refurbishment of an old house

Before embarking on this old house refurbishment project, you will need to apply to your local council for the Cédula Urbanística with the current regulations and everything you need to get the refurbishment underway. We recommend that you carry out these procedures in good time so that you do not have to interrupt the work.

Cómo reformar una casa en ruinas

Advantages and disadvantages of refurbishment a house in ruins

Advantages of refurbishment an old house

The personality of an old house, together with our tastes, gives rise to a unique and personalised home, which we consider to be the greatest advantage of opting for this option, but not the only one. Another advantage we find from the economic point of view, acquiring a house in ruins is not so expensive, and the procedures are usually simpler in relation to a newly built house, or we may even already own an old and uninhabited house, which could become the house we always imagined, the house of your dreams.

  • Less bureaucratic red tape
  • Lower budget than a new house
  • Ideal for industrial and minimalist styles
  • Usually better located
  • Supplies already pre-installed

Disadvantages of refurbishing an old house

But not all that glitters is gold, sometimes these places have problems in terms of facilities such as electricity, water or poor communications. This is why we should always consult professionals to avoid surprises.

  • Less freedom of decision (due to distribution)
  • Possible surprises and problems with old installations.

How much does it cost to refurbishment a house in ruins?

The price of refurbishment a house in ruins is very variable, as it depends on different factors.

In the first place the actions that we want to carry out, reform, demolition, enlargement of the space, etc… there are many doubts that we must solve and that will be determinant at the time of calculating the total amount of the reform. In addition, the materials can also make an important difference. Really the current state of the house and what we hope to obtain once the work is finished will be what determines the thickness of the price.

Now you know everything you need to get down to work. It is very important when refurbishment a dilapidated house to have a real group of professionals who will advise you with your interior design project to get the best results. Give a new life to that old house and turn it into your new home!


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