General refurbishments in Malaga

When a home has an inappropriate and unused structure in terms of interior design, the ideal is to create a different space that serves the specific needs of each person.

The inefficient distribution of rooms, the use of disproportionate spaces, incorrect lighting or the use of redundant elements in the home make it very difficult to be comfortable with your own room.

As an interior designer specialising in Refurbishments in Málaga, we will offer the ideal aesthetic solutions for each project.

We are specialists in Refurbishments in Málaga.

It is normal that the first step to carry out a refurbishment is the emotional factor, as it is usually a room full of memories. But once this fear has been overcome, we assure you that the change in your home, whether it is a complete or partial renovation project, will mean a key change in your new lifestyle and may inspire improvements on a personal level, because you will be delighted with the new idea that your home breathes.

Bear in mind that refurbishment can be the ideal option to avoid having to make any undesirable moves, so you can be happy with your home. With our renovation projects in Málaga we want to bring a balanced and harmonious atmosphere to your flat or house.

With our renovation projects in Málaga we want to bring a balanced and harmonious atmosphere to your flat or house.

Refurbishments company in Malaga

But when should I do a house renovation? As an expert in interior design in Málaga we would say that the refurbishment of a house or flat should be done when the atmosphere and distribution of the home loses its essence and is not functional. The use of the property makes it lose its attractiveness, it deteriorates and does not contribute to the current trends of the home. If you are thinking of carrying out an integral or partial reform of your home, it is essential to hire a company of refurbishments in Málaga as Vika Interior, who knows the new trends and understands the concept of creating new spaces from the first minute.

Complete refurbishment Málaga

Our dedication to the creation and optimization of new spaces, make any integral refurbishment in Málaga.
Our services of partial refurbishments in Málaga and province include the following sections:

Bathroom refurbishments in Málaga

Any bathroom refurbishment arises with the idea of changing some elements that have become outdated, some elements that do not have the practicality they should, or a previous bad installation, and you need to generate that different atmosphere to the one you had previously. 

Some of the most frequent changes made by our clients are changing a bathtub for a shower tray to improve the comfort and design of our bathroom, changing the tiling, cladding and flooring of the bathroom, checking the installation beforehand and checking that everything works correctly, providing a plus in the distribution of all the elements of the bathroom, integrating bathroom furniture more to the taste of the client and making all these points a common, useful and visual environment for our clients.

reforms in malaga

Kitchen refurbishments in Málaga

The kitchen refurbishment is advisable because it is usually a space with a lot of use, where food is used and this usually generates a lot of dirt, for this reason and the lack of current trends in kitchen furniture, flooring, coatings, etc, and the ineffectiveness of old appliances make us need to review quotes from interior designers in Málaga.


Living room renovations in Málaga

The living room is one of the places where we spend most of our time, so creating a unique and pleasant atmosphere is essential. For this reason, our reforms of rooms in Malaga make us carry out a correct distribution of space, expand the terraces, eliminate redundant partitions and improve the style of the room are key factors that our clients usually ask us for their reform.

Commercial premises refurbishments Malaga

The aim of offering our services of refurbishments of commercial premises in Malaga is mainly to generate an added value for your end customer, to adapt groundbreaking trends in interior design and decoration, so that not only sell their products or services but also attract and retain customers to your interior space. This is how we make your establishment different with integral or partial refurbishments of premises.


Partial refurbishment of commercial premises in Malaga

The enlargement of the terrace of your restaurant, the fitting out of new spaces inside an office to connect all the departments to improve its efficiency, improving the shop windows of your shop, are some of the examples of partial refurbishments of commercial premises that we can offer as a professional of interior design Malaga.

Comprehensive refurbishment of commercial premises in Malaga

Starting a physical project from scratch is a difficult idea to put into practice, so as a refurbishment company in Malaga we will help you to put into practice an idea of decoration in your commercial premises. From the interior decoration of a bar, hotels, physical shops or branches, we will provide that extra that your company needs both functionality and providing a different and pleasant visual environment.


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