Charming rustic porch enclosure ideas

Publicado el 1 de December de 2021

Rustic porches or enclosed terraces are a great option to enjoy at home, the after-dinner meals and evenings on the porch taking advantage of the open air are unique moments.

More and more people are joining this type of enclosures or reforms, in Spain we enjoy many hours of sunshine a year, so a space that helps us to enjoy it and at the same time take shelter from the cold in winter is an ideal option. It is about having our own space to disconnect without leaving the house.

We bring you the latest ideas and trends to enclose your porch in a rustic style with lots of charm. Take note!

Ideas for enclosing a terrace with wood

When we think about enclosing a terrace, the first thing that comes to mind is wood. Wood is a very elegant and rustic material that offers a distinctive touch to our home, and it also allows us to choose the type of opening we want. For example, if we want a lot of sunlight to enter we can incorporate a pergola that is not completely closed and that leaves space between the wooden beams so that the light penetrates the entire terrace, if on the other hand you prefer a deeper enclosure you only have to eliminate the space between the beams, and leave your terrace with a more secluded appearance.

In addition, if we make it with solid wood, we will prevent the cold from taking over our terrace at the same time that we can enjoy the rays of sunshine in the morning with a warm coffee. If your house follows a rustic or classic line, wood is undoubtedly the ideal choice.

Ideas para cerrar una terraza de acero

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Enclosed glass porches

One of the most common and visually attractive enclosures for porches or terraces is the glass enclosure, this allows all the daylight to enter but isolating the terrace from both weather conditions and noise, creating a very natural environment but adapted to us at the same time. Unlike what happens with wood, this type of enclosures do not follow a rustic style, but rather opt for a sophisticated and elegant style.

The glass enclosures remind us of the glass palace in Madrid, a very famous architectural work visited by thousands of tourists.

Aluminium enclosed porches

We also have the option of enclosing our porch or terrace with aluminium, this material is very robust so it will make a hermetic seal and isolation with the outside. This type of enclosure is ideal if we live in places with more extreme environmental factors such as strong winds, hard hail or heavy snow.

To maintain peace of mind that the material will withstand extreme conditions aluminium is a fantastic option, although visually it is less attractive than a wooden or glass porch enclosure.

Porches cerrados de cristal

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Curtains for small enclosed terraces

Now that you know the main types of enclosures that exist for your terrace we are going to tell you a few tips to make your terrace or enclosed porch look ideal.

The curtains for small enclosed terraces are an ideal option, it is a way to dress and give a totally different look to our terrace.

A rustic porch does not necessarily need to be made of wood, there are many options to offer this style to our enclosed porch. To achieve this style use white or raw curtains, which also allow us to regulate the light that enters our porch or terrace, accompanied with green and brown elements, such as plants or carpets.

Now that you know the main enclosures and how to close rustic porches it is time to choose which one is your favourite, if you still have doubts you can contact us, we will help you with the interior design of your porch or terrace enclosure in Malaga , put yourself in the hands of professionals to get the style that best suits your home.


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