Scandinavian style: decorative atmospheres to bring simplicity to your home

Publicado el 26 de April de 2022

The latest interior design trends point to a new trend such as the Scandinavian style. This style, also known as hygge, is characterised by the absence of elements that cause visual clutter in our home.

Next, we will talk more about the Scandinavian style, for those fans of the Nordic design that has swept these last years.

What is Scandinavian style? What is it about

The Scandinavian style is the search for a proper home, as a consequence of a balance of well-being and calm in our residence. In order to achieve this, we try to eliminate all those complements that are not in harmony or are as clean as possible.

There is a wide variety of styles to decorate your home, among them, we find the Scandinavian style, also known as Nordic, which has become one of the strongest trends in recent years because of its simplicity, naturalness and elegance.

This style is ideal to achieve a modern atmosphere with a touch of warmth and brightness generating a sense of order, cleanliness and spaciousness to your home.

Below, we will discuss everything you should know about this style and discuss some tips and ideas that you will be interested to know if you are thinking of decorating your home with a Nordic touch.

How to apply the hygge style to your home

This design is characterised by bringing warmth and luminosity to homes using natural elements such as light or wood, it seeks to create light and spacious interiors that make the most of natural light.

The characteristic colour palette of the Scandinavian style is composed of neutral tones, where white is the colour that stands out among others, and is combined with raw tones such as beige, earth, wood and grey.

The Scandinavian style, as we have previously mentioned, is characterised by its simplicity and elegance, therefore, the ideal furniture to complement this type of design is simple, with straight and clean lines. For example, Ikea furniture can be considered Nordic style, although a good interior designer also knows how to differentiate between quality furniture and lower quality furniture.

In terms of materials, wood will always be a good option to use in Scandinavian style, it can be white or in tones that belong to the colour palette of this style.

There are some favourite textiles and details to complement the Scandinavian style. In relation to textiles, cotton and linen are a must, for example, rugs with geometric designs look great with this decor.

Cómo aplicar el estilo hygge a tu hogar

Referring to the details, mirrors are one of the basic complements in the Nordic style, as they contribute to reflect the natural light. The mirror is the basic detail in this style, but we also find some secondary details that go very well with this design such as lamps, flowers, candles… that manage to add a contemporary touch.

Scandinavian style brightness

Even light plays an important role in the Nordic style. They try to maximise the entry of natural light, with rooms open to the outside and with or without translucent curtains. This is because Nordic people have few daylight hours, so they try to make the most of as much natural light as possible.

When night falls, artificial lighting is very important in homes with this style. It is important to have warm spot lights capable of generating different atmospheres within the home.

Scandinavian style and plants go hand in hand, this creates a natural ambience and also integrates colour and life into every corner of the house. Ficus, monstera and dracaena plants are widely used in Scandinavian interiors.

Scandinavian interior design studio

If you are thinking of decorating your home in Scandinavian style you are in the right place. The people behind Vika Interior have already been working in the Nordic countries, and we know better than anyone else how to bring the hygge style to your home.

If you want to know more about this style, or any further information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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