Tips for decorating rooms and bedrooms

Publicado el 19 de March de 2021

If you have the eternal question of how do I decorate my home? We bring you some room decorating tips or tricks to make each room in your bedroom shine on its own, regardless of style or space. These little tips will make your home look unique.

Room decoration tips for your home

There are many tips for the correct decoration of rooms in your home as experts in interior design in malaga and how to orientate each architectural element to create the necessary harmony.

How to decorate my room correctly

Our first trick for decorating rooms in your home starts with light. In the bedroom, more than in any other room, natural light is a great ally. Favouring the entry of this light gives off visibility, luminous harmony and offers spaciousness to the room, thanks to the use of different types of architectural elements we manage to create an open space and encourage the entrance to this space. Using a large window, thin or light-coloured curtains, even using light colours in the room and light furniture makes our space look spacious and in an ideal environment.

In case natural light is very limited or almost non-existent in your room, don’t worry, there are other ways to play with this factor.

You can incorporate different forms of light as decoration in your room, warm light strips give a very cosy look, you can place them according to the layout of your room, or even combine them with other elements such as dried flowers. As for where to place them, placing them on the bed, shelf or around a piece of furniture is always a winning option in every way.

Decoration of room furnishings

The first thing to keep in mind when decorating our room is a combination of usability and appearance. Having a task-based distribution of areas will make our room a tidy and clean space, which is synonymous with comfort.

For example, in many interior design projects we have created a reading corner is a good way to decorate our bedroom while making it a more comfortable place. To create this space we can use a side table in keeping with the style of our bedroom. Our recommendation, betting on natural light, is a pastel earth-coloured pouf, in addition to creating our reading space, it offers an elegant and fresh look to our room. This combined with a small table with a vase of dried flowers and space for books creates a different space with an ideal avant-garde touch.

As for the bed, it is the central element of the room or bedroom, so its decoration is very important, it should match the colour of the walls and take on a certain relevance in terms of style. A bed has many aspects to take into account such as the bedspread, cushions, headboard, etc.

Our recommendation is to opt for a bed that is centred with several cushions as decoration. A combination of earthy pastel colours, as with the pouffe, where the bedspread or cushions have a print that goes with the style. This can be floral, with embroidered patterns or whatever design you like best.

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Another idea for the decoration of the bedroom is to incorporate a barefoot or stool at the foot of the bed, as an auxiliary decorative element, these elements serve both to leave the excess cushions of the bed at bedtime, to leave the quilts in between seasons. In addition, they give more visibility to the bed, which as we have already mentioned is the main element in our bedroom.

You can even combine decorative elements in the bedroom such as the headboard or side tables, for example, if the headboard is made of wicker and a room with green or beige colours, we can use other wicker elements such as tables or lamps to create the necessary harmony.

Decoration for children’s rooms

On the other hand, there are also the rooms for the little ones in the house. We also bring you some tips on how to decorate a children’s room. The decoration of children’s rooms sometimes does not have all the weight it should and it is time to recover it. Do you want to surprise your child with the decoration of their room? For a child’s room is not just another room, it is a place where they can grow, play and develop, so their room should be a help for these activities.

Using a dominant colour on the walls and combining different textures, or including small drawings on the walls makes them play in their imagination with these elements. For the drawings on the walls, hot air balloons seem to us to be a very wise decision as it has been shown that these elements promote imagination.

We hope these tips will help you to decorate the rooms in your home. If you are still not sure about the style you want for your home, trust in real professionals in the interior design sector and we will help you.


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