Boho Chic Decoration Style: Bohemian Decoration

Publicado el 21 de October de 2021

The Boho Chic decoration or also known as bohemian style has always had something that captivates looks, with its free and innovative touch we love the way it has to let the spaces and colours flow. At the same time the chic style has us in love, offering simplicity and naturalness is a more sophisticated, elegant and modern style, but which one to choose?

Don’t choose, combine them! Join the boho chic decorating style and get the best of both worlds. As interior design specialists in Malaga we know how ideal this style looks in homes.

estilo de decoración boho chic

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Boho Style Decoration: your interior design style

Boho style decoration should be a style of its own, based on our experiences, travels or special memories. Each corner is a unique and personal place, usually using a large number of different colours and shapes without following a very specific order. Really the boho style looks for environments totally different from the rest and full of personality.

It is a free style where we have all the freedom to decorate with a vintage touch. If we want to incorporate that chic touch we must bet on the naturalness and freshness of the environment to let the spaces breathe.

Boho chic living room: decoration ideas

To have a boho chic living room the best option for the walls is to use neutral colours, the boho style makes much use of bright colours, if we do not have a neutral colour that brings balance our living room will be too loaded, giving even the feeling of disorder and totally forgetting the chic part.

A great option for our living room with boho chic decoration is to go for colourful carpets, as well as the combination of a multitude of cushions on the sofas with different combinations of tones and shapes. The boho chic style gives a fresh and cheerful appearance to our living room, giving it a unique energy and, above all, its own.

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Perfect Boho chic bedroom

A boho chic bedroom is an ideal option if you want your home to have your own style but you prefer the living room to be more neutral or in the case of sharing a house with more people it is difficult to find the balance for everyone in a boho chic decoration, since as we have said it is based on our own experiences and tastes.

To decorate your bedroom with the boho chic decorative style we recommend using ethnic elements or souvenirs of your travels, in this way we will make it as personal as possible since each element of decoration hides a story behind it.

As in living rooms, using a multitude of cushions in different colours conveys the bohemian style to perfection, and in a bed it gives more play to use different shapes, prints, colours, etc. We can even accompany it with different blankets and stuffed animals.

estilo boho chic

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Including stuffed animals or old toys gives us the possibility of including memories of our childhood, which will make this space even more special and personal, something that is more difficult to achieve in a living room without feeling exposed.

Boho chic furniture: bohemian style in your home

Boho furniture par excellence is extravagant, natural and colourful.

Furniture made of wood, vegetable fibres or glass, accompanied by plants, offers us a carefree style typical of boho chic. Go for natural furniture, and if you want to add a bit of colour to your furniture, hand-painting is a great option.

Hand-painted furniture tends to have the typical flaws that follow this line as well as turning a piece of furniture into something that is part of us and hides a story.

We hope to have helped you to implement the boho chic decoration in your home and give it its joy and naturalness, the perfect decoration for your home, if you still have doubts you can contact us, we will help you to introduce the boho chic style in your home, put yourself in the hands of professionals to get the most related and faithful style in your home.


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