Chill Out space at home and outdoors

Publicado el 24 de May de 2022

Having a chill out space at home or outdoors where you can disconnect is a great good fortune. That is why we help you to choose the most suitable place to create your new corner of disconnection, where your stressful days will become more enjoyable and where you will not want to leave, as it will become your favourite space in your home.

More and more people are reserving a chill out space in their home, and they end up falling in love with it.

This chill out space will become the favourite corner of your home, you just have to choose the perfect area. For example, if you don’t have a terrace, you can create this little corner inside your home.

To create this chill out area, it is recommended that you take into account all the elements that you want to include in the decoration, such as aromas, candles, comfortable seating, tables, lighting and music.

How to make a chill out at home

Many people ask us how to convert a part of the interior of their homes into a space for relaxation. To achieve a chill out corner inside your home you will have to take into account different factors when decorating it and find the most suitable thing to achieve the perfect atmosphere.

It is not enough that we have furniture, but we have to think about every detail that we want our favourite corner to have, such as cushions and carpets, small shelves or baskets in case you need to store things and have them at hand.

You should also take into account factors such as temperature, make sure you always maintain a suitable temperature depending on the time of year, good lighting and quality speakers to play the music you like best from this chill out area. Remember also that you cannot decorate the chill out area indoors with too many natural flowers, as these expel carbon dioxide at night and can leave a small, enclosed area without oxygen.

In many houses with large spaces it is possible to create a space for relaxation and disconnection, or simply a place to share moments with friends or the perfect area for reading. An area with made-to-measure natural wood furniture or even Balinese beds where you can enjoy the views from outside.

Outdoor chill out decoration

But the terrace is the chill out area par excellence. You can turn this little corner into the perfect place where you won’t want to leave.

The terrace can be the place where you want to have breakfast as soon as you wake up, to spend your weekend afternoons with friends or to spend some time alone before going to sleep.

Some of the main elements for a good outdoor chill out decoration are the following:

  • Comfortable seating. Large, wide and well-padded armchairs are one of the most important components of our design. Follow the style of the rest of the house, or of the designed area, prioritising the use of warm colours. Our suggestion here is to use the cushions as one more decorative element, that is to say, more does not mean more, but you will have to use them in a subtle way without going overboard with them.
  • Canopy mattresses. This type of decoration provides a differentiating element within our chill out style. Play with the profile of the canopy and with the styles of the cushions to create a comfortable environment but at the same time with an optimal aesthetic harmony.
  • Low or high tables depending on the type of furniture you use. If you are using chairs, consider using a high table as well, but the most common is to use low cushioned armchairs, which should be accompanied by a low table to create the right atmosphere.
  • Plants. The use of plants on terraces is a fundamental part of our chill out decoration. Rejoicing in a natural environment can transform the terrace into a very cosy natural atmosphere.
  • Lighting. Lighting is a fundamental part of our chill out area. Using a dim light that makes us feel comfortable is vital to create that cosy feeling.

If you are thinking of creating a type of outdoor chill out decoration you should make sure that your terrace contains those decorative elements of very good quality. This is because it is a place that is very exposed to temperatures and climate changes. That is why, if we want our chill out area to be durable, we must have furniture made of resistant materials.

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